9 Shows Every '90s Girl Rushed Home To Watch After School

If you were a child of the '90s (yes, we'll still count those of you mostly grew up in the 2000s) chances are you had a solid list of TV shows that you rushed home to watch the second the last bell rang at school. Because if there's one thing the '90s are known for besides chia pets and Destiny's Child, it's cheesy sitcoms and over the top cartoons. Luckily for us millennials, we got to experience these classic '90s tv shows in their full glory, instead of just watching the growing list of remakes on Netflix. (Sarcasm aside, I actually really loved Fuller House.)

Though I wasn't a teenager in the '90s, I remember all of these shows vividly. I remember running to my grandparents house after school to watch Rugrats and Sister Sister because my mom banned them from our home. I remember laughing at Boy Meets World and listening to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel Air on repeat until I learned all of the lyrics. And I'm pretty sure my first crush was on Jesse Katsopolis— but then again, who's wasn't?

Although this isn't an exhaustive list by any means (I dare anyone to list all of the '90s classics in one place, there isn't a list big enough), it does capture some of the staples of our childhoods that we just couldn't wait to get home to watch.


'Saved By The Bell'

Saved By The Bell is an '80s and '90s classic to say the least. If you weren't watching the adventures, crushes and shenanigans of the six friends at Bayside High School then, what were you doing?



Filled with clueless adults and rambunctious babies, this show was all the rage for almost 16 years.


'The Wild Thornberrys'

This eccentric, nomadic family was basically the quintessential family we all can relate to in someway or another. Eliza was smart, sweet and a bit of an outcast, whose best friend is a chimpanzee named Darwin. There's the classic, rebellious teenage sister, the over-the-top father figure and the mother who is the voice of reason. Also, the feral boy Donnie who was raised by orangutans in Borneo. Naturally.


'Hey Arnold!'

Hey Arnold!—the story of a 4th grader with a football shaped head and a big heart, was an after school favorite for nearly a decade.



Wishbone was a little dog with a big imagination and a PBS classic every '90s kid loved.


'The Powerpuff Girls'

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were every little girl's favorite tiny crime solving trio.


'Darkwing Duck'

Drake Mallard by day, crime fighting Darkwing Duck by night. It doesn't get much more entertaining than that.


'The Secret World Of Alex Mack'

What's not to love about a middle school girl with secret super powers?


'Rocko's Modern Life'

The story of an Australian wallaby trying to acclimate to life in America had a short, but popular run on Nickelodeon.