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9 Sibling Costume Ideas That Aren't Super Cheesy, But Still Super Cute

When it's time to dress your family for Halloween, it's fun to stick with a theme. After all, being related to one another is one of the best reasons for group costumes. And thankfully, there are sibling costume ideas that aren't super cheesy, but still super cute. So be sure you have enough memory on your phone for all of the adorable photos that are certain to follow.

Whether your kids are still babies or closer to tweens, you can find some sibling costume ideas perfect for your own family. Drawing inspiration from movies, video games, and pop culture, these costumes are more funny and cool than scary. Whatever the case, these costumes can help make your kids into team players (at least for one night).

The beset part: these outfits can be as simple or elaborate as you like. A funny onesie on a baby can make a big impact, and you can also opt for a detailed dinosaur costume if that's more to your taste. Whether you dress your kids as stormtroopers, zoo animals, or even a candy dish, these costumes are sure to be memorable for years to come. Who knows? Maybe matching costumes can become your Halloween tradition for years to come.



All sorts of creatures from Star Wars will probably make an appearance this Halloween. But something about the idea of trick-or-treating with a whole host of stormtroopers is exceptionally appealing. At the very least, they would probably be easy to keep track of as you explore the neighborhood.

Just nab a Star Wars classic stormtrooper child costume ($22) for each of your kiddos, and prepare to take over the neighborhood. Hopefully they'll find the candy they're looking for.


Sunshine & Rainbow

For very young kids, this could be an adorable theme costume, and it's simple enough to DIY. You're guaranteed to get an "Awwww" from everyone you meet.


For your little sunshine, you'll need a bright yellow romper ($6) and bonnet ($15). Throw on some bright baby shades ($23) for a little something extra.


And for the rainbow baby, you can use a vibrant striped shirt ($7), tutu ($11), and/or suspenders ($9). Looks like the forecast calls for some serious cuteness.



If you occasionally feel like a zookeeper, why not use that as inspiration for the holiday? There are loads of adorable animal costumes for your own wild ones.

You can dress your kids as an elephant ($13), giraffe ($22), or even zebra ($18). Your neighborhood is about to become a jungle.



There's no denying the fact that dinosaurs are eternally cool. And with the many different species, your little ones can be as scary or as sweet as they like.

Whether your little one favors the triceratops ($19), T-rex ($60), or pteranodon ($30), you and your herd are set for a great night.


Candy Bowl

This is one way to take "you are what you eat" to a literal level. I mean, candy is the real star of the evening, so why not embrace it? These costumes are super cute and simple enough to make yourself.

Your little ones can dress as candy corn ($13), a Tootsie Rolls Pop ($18), or a chocolate kiss ($16). If your kids are old enough, you can add in some Dum Dum necklaces ($5) or candy bracelets ($10) to complete the look.


Coven Of Witches

Sometimes it's nice to stick with the classics. Chances are you've been a Halloween witch at some point, and it's fun to share the tradition with your own kids. It's basically a right of passage.


You can't go wrong with a classic witch costume ($16), and of course there is a light-up witch costume ($30) for those who are a bit extra.

Of course, witches costumes call for accessories such as a broom ($18) or cauldron ($8).


Mario & Luigi

If your family is into gaming, then this costume idea is a given. You'll have the cutest players in the neighborhood.

When your little ones team up in Mario ($19) and Luigi ($26) costumes, your Halloween is sure to be magical. Just watch out for red Koopa Troopa shells.


Spice Rack

Are your kids more spice than sugar? Excellent. Why not go trick-or-treating as a spice rack? It's another easy DIY-style costume set.

Whether your baby is more of a Sriracha ($18) or general hot sauce ($15) flavor, these onesies are for you. Your little ones can bring the heat to this chilly holiday.


Pumpkin Patch

Sure, one baby dressed as a pumpkin is cute, but two or more siblings dressed as pumpkins? That's almost more adorableness than you can manage. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Need a precious baby pumpkin costume ($23)? There are plenty available come October 1. And there are plenty of similar costumes available for older kids. This inflatable pumpkin costume ($23) is pretty hilarious.

To finish off the costume, remember that even pumpkins need sweet accessories. A pumpkin headband ($8), necklace ($10), or bracelet ($17) will add that little extra touch. Whatever costumes your family chooses, hopefully you and yours will have a safe and spooky Halloween.