9 Signs Of Heat Exhaustion In Adults & Children Alike

If you live up north, or in a particularly chilly climate, the first day you can go outside without needing a jacket is a glorious occasion, one which deserves a celebration. If you live down south, or are used to tropical temperatures, the heat might not be that big of a deal to you. Yet regardless of whether or not you are accustomed to having a little fun in the sun, anyone can get too hot in the summer. Whether you're a warm weather veteran or newbie, you still need to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion.

Being from Miami and living most of my life in Florida (the Sunshine State), I'm no stranger to triple digit temperatures. Blame it on growing up in the heat or having the kind of confidence that comes with being on the cusp of adulthood ("I'm 18-years-old, Mom, I'm an adult now) I ignored all the signals my overheated body was sending me and promptly passed out at the beach with friends.

Nothing sets you straight like having the motivation to never face public humiliation in front of a group of your peers again. So take it from me, getting too hot is serious and you should definitely watch out for these signs of heat exhaustion in yourself and those around you.


You're Actually A Little Cold

You might think that heat exhaustion would imply you look hot, but that's not always the case. According to the Mayo Clinic, "cool, moist skin with goose bumps when in the heat," is actually a red flag for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.


Your Baby Is Dry Yet Hot

As an adult, you can take for granted your ability to sweat or that your body can easily regulate its temperature. But for infants, it's a different story. An article from Baby Center noted that, "a high temperature, but no sweating and hot, red, dry skin," are all dangerous signs that your baby is suffering from heat exhaustion.


You Cramp Up

Before you've even gotten too sweaty, there can be some subtle warnings. According to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, early signs of heat exhaustion include muscle cramps and pains that "most often occur in the legs or abdomen."


Your Child Isn't As Active

It's basically a rite of passage in childhood that you're supposed to run around like the Energizer Bunny during the summer months. So if you notice the opposite is happening, something could be wrong. According to Parenting, "extreme fatigue that forces a child to sit down, looking very miserable" is a sign of heat exhaustion."


Your Blood's Pumping Overtime

It's normal to get a little out of breath and for your pulse to rise after engaging in some outdoor activities. But, according to Nemours, rapid breathing and heartbeat are actually early signs of heat exhaustion which shouldn't be ignored in either adults or children.


You're Queasy and Uneasy

It might not be the devil eggs that sat out for a little too long on the picnic table that are to blame for the gross feeling in your stomach. According to the Mayo Clinic, nausea is a warning sign of heat exhaustion.


Your Rugrat Is Restless

Although one sign your child could be overheated is that they're listless, there's a flip side. According to Baby Center, restlessness and disorientation can indicate your baby is suffering from heat exhaustion and is unable to tell you.


You're Not "Mellow Yellow"

It's gross, but still a warning sign nonetheless. According to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, dark urine is a sign that heat exhaustion has already set it in.


You're Dizzy

According to The Academy of Family Physicians, "confusion, loss of consciousness, dizziness, and seizures," are all red flags that you or your child need to seek help immediately for heat exhaustion.