9 Signs Of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Is there no end to the many ailments pregnant women must know about? From gestational diabetes to preeclampsia, sometimes it feels like you need a nursing degree just to conceive. In addition to these and other concerns, pregnant women should know the signs of symphysis pubis dysfunction, as this ailment can cause a significant amount of pain during pregnancy.

To understand this condition, it helps to first review a little about anatomy. The symphysis pubis is a joint formed at the meeting point of the pubic bones, according to Baby Center. It's one of those things you likely never had to think about, just a joint that exists in your pelvic area. But during pregnancy, the ligaments that hold this area in line sometimes become too loose, causing the symphysis pubis to become unstable, according to What To Expect, resulting in symphysis pubis dysfunction. Unfortunately, it is a common malady. According to Tommy's, symphysis pubis dysfunction may affect as many as 1 out of every 5 pregnant women. (Estimates for the condition's frequency can vary greatly, however.) If the following symptoms sound at all familiar to your situation, then see a doctor for advice. Specific exercises and other treatments can reduce the pain and help you get through the rest of your pregnancy in peace.


Urinary Incontinence

Gotta go all the time? According to PregMed, a few cases of symphysis pubis dysfunction have been known to result in issues with urinary incontinence. Not that you needed anything else to go awry with your body at the moment.


Pain In Pelvic Area

This is perhaps the most immediate sign. According to What To Expect, a sort of tearing pain in the pelvis is a common symptom of symphysis pubis dysfunction. It may worsen when you put any weight on the area.


Extreme Pain From Stair Climbing

Has a regular staircase suddenly become your worst enemy? According to What To Expect, activities that involve any weight bearing, such as stair climbing, often worsen the symptoms of symphysis pubis dysfunction. This might be a good tip-off to seek a doctor's advice soon.


Pain From Walking

Sometimes a simple walk can feel grueling. According to Baby Center, the loosening associated with symphysis pubis dysfunction can result in pain from walking. It's one of the most common symptoms.


Increased Pain At Night

Chances are, you want good sleep more now than ever. According to Baby Center, however, sometimes the pain associated with symphysis pubis dysfunction gets worse at night. This can even interrupt your sleep habits.


Lower Back Pain

Back pain is commonly associated with pregnancy. But as explained in What To Expect, back pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction is next-level bad. It might make you afraid to move very much.


Difficulties Standing

It looks like pelvic pain from pregnancy can get relentless. According to The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, symphysis pubis dysfunction can even cause pain from the simple act of standing up. Standing on one leg in particular can get difficult.


Clicking Sensation In Pubis

OK, this sounds terribly uncomfortable. But PregMed noted that some women experience a clicking or grinding sound in the pelvic area when walking. If nothing else, it must make going for a walk very weird.


Discomfort During Everyday Activities

Simple daily activities can become extremely painful with symphysis pubis dysfunction. As noted by The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, even getting up from a chair or bending forward can become painful exercises with this condition. It's a great reason to see your doctor for advice and treatment options.