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9 Signs You Have Healthy Hair That Everyone Will Envy

Over the years, I've had a complicated relationship with my hair. I've colored, cut, and spent more money than I'd care to admit on treatments I thought would make me look like a girl in a shampoo commercial. (I won't even talk about that awkward Salt 'N Pepa-like asymmetrical haircut I rocked in junior high.) But now that I'm a mature adult, I've accepted that good hair is not about being short or long, straight or curly, but rather about being healthy. In case you're wondering whether or not your hair fits the bill, there are signs you have healthy hair.

Shine, elasticity, and the amount of hair you shed each day are some of the best indicators of a healthy head of hair. Things like excessive heat styling, coloring, and sun exposure can do a number on your locks, leaving them dry and brittle to the touch. And if you're not careful, your once beautiful tresses can end up looking like a bale of hay.

Check out these signs that your hair is healthy. And if it's not, get yourself to a salon ASAP for some deep conditioning and a trim. Trust me, your hair will thank you.


It's Elastic

Curly girls can test their hair health by stretching their curls. According to Naturally Curly, healthy hair bounces back to its original form when it’s stretched. Hair without sufficient elasticity is more susceptible to breakage.


It's Not Too Thirsty

One way to test your hair's health is by observing how long it takes for the strands to absorb water, as mentioned in Good Housekeeping. If the water is absorbed in less than ten seconds, your cuticles are damaged, and your hair could use a little TLC.


It's Easy To Detangle

If detangling your hair brings tears to your eyes, chances are, your hair is damaged. According to Refinery29, dry, damaged hair with split ends is often difficult to detangle. A healthy head of hair should be easy to detangle.


It's Shiny

Like your skin, hair that's healthy has a certain glow. Shine is a key indicator of healthy hair, as mentioned in Health magazine.


Your Scalp Is Healthy

When taking care of your hair, it's important not to skimp on your scalp. Part of the secret to having healthy hair is maintaining a healthy scalp. As mentioned in Prevention, a dry or irritated scalp will often lead to hair follicles that produce dry and unmanageable strands of hair.


You Don't Lose Too Much

Don't be alarmed at the sight of a few stray hairs in your brush. According to Natural Hair Rules, it is common to shed up to 200 strands of hair each day. You should only be concerned if you shed more or discover a bald spot.


It Lacks Split Ends

As Marie Claire notes, split ends are the result of weathering and damage, and a sign that your hair could use some nourishment. Visit your stylist for a trim every six to eight weeks to keep those ends from looking frayed.


It Feels Soft

Another good indicator of hair health is the way it feels. According to Curly Nikki, healthy textured hair feels soft to the touch. Damaged hair will feel dry and brittle; not the kind of hair you want to run your fingers through.


You Have Minimal Breakage

It's no secret that when it comes to hair, dry is definitely bad. As mentioned in Cosmopolitan, curly hair is naturally dry, and more susceptible to breakage. By keeping your locks moisturized, you will minimize the amount of breakage you see.