9 Signs You Should Get Your Kid's Ears Checked

Being a parent can often make you feel as if you are invisible. Your kids can make you feel like you're constantly taking to a brick wall. Your calls for him to come to the dinner table often go unheard, you find yourself repeating instructions more times than you'd like, and you're beyond frustrated. You may think that your child is just misbehaving or simply ignoring you, but the problem could actually be something more serious. This is why you should be aware of the signs you should get your kid's ears checked.

The exact cause of hearing loss in children is often unknown, but can be attributed to things such as premature birth, frequent ear infections, and exposure to loud sounds early in life. If your child is experiencing difficulty hearing, the problem should not be ignored. As mentioned on the Kid's Health website, even a minor loss of hearing in a child can affect their ability to develop speech properly, which can have long-term consequences.

If you notice any of the signs of hearing loss in your child, don't hesitate to visit your pediatrician and have your child's hearing screened. If the problem is caught early, it can often be corrected.


They Don't Respond To Your Voice

Even the youngest children should turn their head when they hear their parents speak. Not responding to the sound of your voice is a sign of hearing loss in your child, according to WebMD.


They Don't Follow Directions

You should expect your little ones to push boundaries a little, but if they never obey your instructions, something else could be going on. The American Speech Language Hearing Association suggests that not following directions is a sign that hearing is a problem.


They Need The Volume High When Watching Television

If you live with a child with an undiagnosed hearing deficiency, your living room might be mistaken for a movie theater. According to Kid's Health, if a child consistently needs you to increase the volume on the television or other electronic devices, you should have his hearing screened.


They Speak Louder Than Normal

In my house, the littlest people are often the loudest. But if you find that your child is suddenly speaking even louder than what you consider normal, you may want to have his hearing tested, as suggested by the American Hearing Health Foundation.


They Have Limited Speech

As mentioned earlier, even a slight hearing loss can affect your child's speech development, as young children often imitate the sounds they hear. According to What to Expect, if your child says and understands fewer words than most kids his age, they may have difficulty hearing.


They Have Difficulty At School

A child with a hearing problem may end up with bad grades no matter how hard they study. They may be unaware of their hearing problem, or too ashamed to tell anyone about it. If your school-aged child is showing signs of difficulty at school, chances are, their hearing could be a problem, according to


They Are Easily Frustrated By Background Noise

If your child has trouble hearing, other noises could be getting in the way. For someone with hearing loss, lots of background noise often causes frustration, according to the Kid's Health site.


They Don't Sing Or Dance To Music

Little kids love to dance. But if they don't start tapping their toes when they hear a funky beat, they may be having trouble hearing the music, as mentioned in Parents.


They Stare At You When You Speak

Do you feel like your child is always practicing for a staring contest? According to the American Hearing Health Foundation, if you find your child staring at your face while you are speaking, it could be a sign that they are having difficulty hearing, and are looking to you for visual cues.