9 Signs You And Your Partner Need A Date Night STAT

by Sarah Bunton

Allow me to be Captain Obvious for a moment: relationships are hard work. If you’re lucky enough to have found “the one,” you may think the difficult part is over. But having a healthy relationship, like any other “ship,” requires time and energy for it to survive. If you think you might have fallen into a slump, it’s important to remember that something as simple as a date night is how couples stay happy. The scary part is, you may be so busy with daily activities, work, and other responsibilities to even notice that you and your partner need a date night.

For the average couple, especially if you live together, your relationship can sometimes take a back seat to things like remembering to walk the dog, dealing with stress at work, or doing other adult things like paying bills. For my partner and I, making our relationship as husband and wife a top priority is not super easy when it feels like our roles as father and mother come first for our son. Though there is no shortage of fun date night ideas, recognizing that you even need a night out is the first and most important step. If you’re curious to see if you and your boo are truly in desperate need of a date night, watch out for these signs.


You Can't Remember The Last Time You Went Out

If it takes you more than a minute to remember the last time you and your SO went out, then it's been too long. And no, going to the grocery store does not count.


Your Texts Look Like To-Do-Lists

If you scroll through my texts with my husband, most of them are things like, "Hey do I need to pick paper towels?" or, "Did you remember to set Modern Family to record?" It can be difficult to remind yourself that your partner is more than just a roommate. Try shooting them a "just thinking of you" text or even a heart emoji. A little affection goes a long way.


You Haven't Shared A Real Meal In A While

Whether you're constantly on the go, grabbing take-out, or you're just eating whatever your kids refused to, not eating a legit meal is a sure-fire sign you deserve to eat at a real restaurant.


You Feel Weird Hearing About Other Couples

Your best friend is telling you all about the fun things she and her boyfriend have been doing, and all you can do is smile and nod because you can't really relate. If you feel awkward when other people talk about their outings, then maybe it's time for you to go out, too.


Your Only Nice Clothes Are For Work

If there is a fine layer of dust covering your date night outfits, then it's probably been far too long. But don't stress. You can still wear comfortable clothes on date night.


You Rarely Eat Together

There are many real reasons why a couple might not eat together: different schedules, work, kids, etc. But if you can't remember the last time you and your partner shared some smooches during dinner, you're overdue.


Everyone Is Telling You To Go Out

You know it's bad when even your acquaintances know how desperately you and your partner need a date night. Instead of ignoring them, you'll be glad you took the advice and went out.


You're Waiting For A Reason

Just like you're allowed to wear white after labor day, date nights are not reserved solely for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. If the last time you went out with your partner was for a specific holiday, then let loose and have a little fun for no reason at all.


You've Only Watched Animated Shows In The Last Month

There's nothing wrong with spending quality time with the whole family, but even grown ups need a break from cartoons and sing-alongs. You won't regret going on a date night that doesn't involve a magical mouse or talking stuffed animals.


You Can't Remember What You Like To Do

This may sound silly, but if you've gone so long without a date night, you might actually forget what you like to do together. Is go-kart racing still fun? Do you like the same movies anymore? It's not uncommon for interests to change in long-term relationships; so have an adventure, go out, and rediscover what you enjoy doing together.

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