9 Signs Your Baby Is An Introvert In The Making

People like to say that all babies do is eat, sleep, and poop. Though they're not completely wrong about that — just ask any parent of a newborn — there's a lot more going on with an infant's personality than you might realize. As their understanding of the world around them is beginning to take shape, so are their unique attributes. Even at such a young age, you can already look for signs your baby will be an introvert. If you think that it's impossible for an infant to have distinct personality traits, you might want to talk to your friends with kids first.

Speaking from experience, from day one my son had a certain amount of skepticism. People said since I was a first-time parent, I was just reading into things. But three years later, he has consistently retained his little detective attitude and perfected giving you side-eye. In fact, you may already have a pretty solid idea what kind of person your little one will turn out to be. So, if you want to confirm your intuition or you're just curious about your child's personality, then check out these signs that your baby will most likely be an introvert.


They Need Refuge

Sometimes introverted adults just need to take a step away from all the activity to recollect themselves. As it turns out, the same can be said of introverted babies. According to The Baby Sleep Site, a baby who needs a nursery that's not overly stimulating may be an introvert who requires a place to feel safe and secluded.


They're Willing Yet Hesitant

All babies learn through testing things out. Whether that means sticking things in their mouth to see if it's food or tossing a ball to see if it will bounce, it's natural for infants to experiment. The slight difference, though, is that an an introverted baby, "will exhibit signs of curiosity but will be more cautious about exploration," Parents reported. So ignore the negative connotations that introversion means a lack of imagination or curiosity. Your child is just as eager to learn, they might just do it in a different way than others.


They Go Solo

Does your baby come alive at big parties or do they seem more at peace in smaller gatherings? According to the medical review board at Very Well, an introverted baby, "may not be comfortable participating in group activities." This doesn't mean they'll never have play dates. Your little one just might prefer more solo time than others.


They're Jumpy

Does every little bump and squeak put your little one on red alert? Dr. Rebecca Chicot, a parenting expert, told Essential Parent that babies who, "are temperamentally very timid and easily startled are more likely to be introverts." So if you notice that your baby tends to be a bit more nervous, that could simply be a trait of their introverted personality.


Their Birth Might've Been Different

Could your baby's personality be affected by whether or not they were born early? According to a group of researchers, that could factor into their disposition. According to the study, which was published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal & Neonatal Edition, low weight or pre-term babies are more likely to be introverts as adults. Yet, it's important to remember that no two infants are alike and this research is just an example not a guarantee.


They're Not Hermits

When you think of an introverted person, the word "shy" might come to mind. However, with babies and young children, the two aren't necessarily synonymous. According to TIME, a sign your baby will be an introvert is if they are, "sensitive to their environment," and not, as some might think, "anti-social." So instead of thinking in terms of shyness, understand that your baby is simple approaching social situations a way that feels safe and comfortable to them.


They Have A Keen Eye

Could your baby spend hours studying all the different sides of their toy blocks? If your child is old enough to communicate, verbally or otherwise, do they seem inquisitive with even the smallest things? Being curious and particular about details are signs of introversion in little ones, as author and child development expert Maureen D. Healy told Psychology Today. You can allow their inquiring mind to bloom by giving them the freedom and space to explore and interact at their own pace.


They Have Social Spurts

Just because you think your infant might not being a social butterfly doesn't mean they don't every enjoy playing at parties. In fact, according to Kid Spot, an indicator your baby is introverted is if they love participating in fun activities, but require the occasional break. Or, if your child is anything like my best friend's daughter, they will play exactly as much as they want to, no more and no less. Having finite boundaries and letting you know they've reached their limit are all ways your introverted baby can convey their personality needs to you.


They're Babblers

All pre-verbal babies babble in some way or another. Yet, if you've noticed that your little one is perfectly content cooing alone in their crib, they may be an introvert. According to Jennifer Granneman of Quiet Revolution, having the ability to entertain themselves by "talking" to themselves or with their imagination is a personality trait of introversion. This doesn't mean that your baby doesn't enjoy your presence, they're simply able to be happy alone or with others.