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9 Signs Your Child Is A Beyoncé In The Making

During the toddler years, you get a sneak peak at your child's personality as they begin to assert their independence. You may come to find that your once sweet, agreeable little infant begins to push back on everything from what they wear to which way you walk to the playground. Although grandparents and passersby may find this behavior entertaining, the parents of these well-meaning little free-thinkers may find these constant battles downright exhausting. If you think you've got a little diva or badass dude on your hands, you should know the signs your child is the next Beyoncé.

You can imagine that someone with Beyoncé's star power was probably overflowing in the personality department as a young child. But even if Grammy awards and hit records aren't in your child's future, they may have just as much personality and creativity as Queen Bey, which can take them pretty far. There are some really great things about having an outgoing, strong-willed child, even though it probably doesn't seem that way when you're in the midst of parenting one. Children who tend to be more extroverted have very active imaginations, crave engagement, and have their own opinions about practically everything. You may also find that your little Beyoncé-in-the making will put on a show anytime they think they have an audience.

Raising a strong-willed child can be difficult for a parent — particularly one who tends to be more introverted — but you can take comfort in the fact that children with strong-willed personality traits are often leaders of their peer groups. As Popsugar pointed out, these children rarely fall victim to peer pressure, and often end up being entrepreneurs and leaders in business.

You may have to deal with a few headaches now, but when your little creative genius is thanking you at the Grammys, you'll be glad you let her wear her pajamas and rain boots to school.


They Love An Audience

When you're parenting a future pop star, you know they're always on. As SheKnows pointed out, children who are extroverted can get bored easily. For this reason, they need lots of engagement and plenty of activity to keep them busy. Help them channel their creative energy by allowing them to play dress-up or perform in front of family and friends.


They Tell It Like It Is

If you're raising the next Beyoncé, you may find that they say whatever is on their mind and rarely come up for air. Unlike introverts who prefer to process things on their own, a more extroverted child will want to talk about practically everything, according to SheKnows.


They Have Many Different Sides

For all of that attitude, your little diva or badass definitely has a soft side too. It's not uncommon for your tiny extrovert to have a pretty complex personality. He's got many layers and, unfortunately, you may not know which one will show up at the dinner table.


They May Need Backup

Getting your extroverted child to do seemingly simple things like homework or clean their room can easily turn into a major battle. According to Parents, extroverts may find it difficult to stay focused on completing tasks by themselves. After all, you can't be a major pop sensation without awesome backup singers.


They're Always The Boss

You'll probably find that your little one likes to make up their own rules —and change them when they deem necessary. According to Very Well, strong-willed kids know exactly how they want things to be and they have no problem telling their playmates to fall in line.


They March To Their Own Beat

Your mini Bey will be saying "bye" to the haters from a pretty young age. As Popsugar pointed out, strong-willed children don't care much about other people's opinions. They have their own style, their own opinions, and are not usually susceptible to peer pressure.


They're Not Afraid Of A Little Danger

If you are raising a strong-willed child, you may want to prepare yourself to spend a considerable amount of time in the doctor's office. Strong-willed kids like to live on the edge, according to Very Well. You should expect them to ignore your warnings to "be careful" or "slow down." They only have one speed, "go."


They're Dramatic

Your little Bey-in-training may not travel with a fan to blow her hair around (yet), but you should be prepared for some dramatic performances. For example, she may have some pretty strong reactions to the word "no." Whether you're at the grocery store or trying to walk home from the playground, these tantrums often erupt at the most inconvenient times. But rather than give in to her performance, give your little one some time and a safe space to work through her feelings.


They Dress To Impress

You can pretty much guarantee that you'll always be able to pick your little Bey wannabe out at a crowded playground. Whether they're going to school or hosting a playdate at home, this kid is going to dress to impress. You may not always understand their style choices, but you'll always be entertained.