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9 Signs Your Daughter Is A Mini Hermione Granger

If I could choose any Harry Potter character for my child to emulate it would most definitely be Hermione Granger. Sure, Harry is "The Chosen One" and "Weasley Is Our King," but no one worked harder and matured more in their seven years at Hogwarts than Hermione. She is an inspiration to all kids, but to young girls in particular who have been led to believe that the heroes of this world are almost always male. And in watch the Harry Potter movies or read the Harry Potter books, you may be on the look out for signs your daughter is a Hermione Granger in the making.

Hermione was somewhat of a late bloomer, as are many hyper-intelligent kids. In her first years at Hogwarts, she gets a bad rap for being a know-it-all. Her dedication and exuberance for schoolwork and perfectionism was often belittled by her classmates and sometimes by her friends. But, eventually, the knowledge and study skills she acquired helped them out of more than one pickle. Eventually, Hermione grew to be the smart, brave, strong, and beautiful heroine that has been an inspiration to so many young readers.

Here are some ways that your little girl might just be a Hermione Granger in the making.


She's A Total Bookworm

Ever since your daughter has been able to grasp things in her hands, she's had her nose buried in a book, be it a board book, first reader, or chapter books, and now school books. She would rather be reading than just about anything else.


She Loves Going To School

She's the first one through the door on school days and wouldn't dream of playing hooky. She prefers to sit in the front row of her classroom and always raises her hand when the teacher asks a question.


She Is Kind

Your daughter is caring and kind. She won't hesitate to help out a friend in need, and often offers her help without being asked.


She Doesn't Put Up With Bullies

She's kind and compassionate, but won't hesitate to stop a bully in his tracks.


She Stands Up For Others

Not only does she defend herself, she makes it a point to stand up for others. Those who aren't as fortunate or brave look to your daughter for camaraderie and inspiration.


She Has A Couple Of Really Good Pals

She thinks that being popular is overrated and would much rather spend her free time with a couple of true friends.


She Doesn't Procrastinate

She's literal and gets to the point. She likes to get her schoolwork and chores done and out of the way so she can get back to reading for pleasure.


She Values Brains Over Beauty

She is more concerned about acing the spelling test than she is about having the perfect clothes or hair.


But She's Still Beautiful Inside And Out

Even if she doesn't think she's the prettiest or most popular girl, her kindness and compassion make her beautiful both inside and out.