9 Signs Your Jeans Don't Fit As Well As They Should & You Need A New Pair

A great pair of jeans can be a girl's best friend — a go-to wardrobe staple that can work just as well with a pair of sneakers for a trip to the grocery store, as a sexy pair of heels for night out on the town. But over time, jeans, like rubber bands, can stretch to the point that they lose their shape and make you look like you're wearing a paper bag. Before you put on your favorite pair for the upteenth time, you should know that there are signs your jeans don't fit as well as they should. The way your jeans fit in the waist, the ankles, and even the knees can make the difference in their overall look.

The next time you slide into your skinnies, take a look in the mirror to see if you spot any of these tell-tale signs that you need to retire your jeans. If you do, give them to your favorite place to donate old clothes, and head straight to the mall. While you may be bummed about parting with your favorite pair of blues, it's definitely a great excuse to go shopping. And a new pair of great-fitting jeans should make anyone's day.


You've Got Plumber's Crack

Beware of low rise jeans. According to Cosmopolitan, jeans with a higher waist prevent you from showing your butt crack to your followers over time.


The Pockets Are Off

Pocket placement is a good indicator of how your jeans fit. Refinery29 suggests that the back pockets of your jeans should be placed on the fullest part of your butt.


You Look Like You've Been Wading In Water

Jeans that look hit too high above the ankle are a fashion no-no. Cosmopolitan tells readers that jeans should hit right at the ankle, so they work with both heels and flats.


Your Hem Is Shredded

If the heel of your shoe is shredding the hem of your jeans when you walk, they are definitely too long.


Putting Them On Is A Workout

If you're working up a sweat every time you try to get into your jeans, chances are, they are too tight.


You Look Like You Are Swimming In Them

If your jeans are too easy to put on and take off, they have likely lost their shape and are too big.


You've Got Camel Toe

You can be sexy without putting on a show. As Women's Health points out, camel toe is the result of wearing jeans that are either too tight or too thin in the crotch region.


You Can't Wear Them Without A Belt

A belt can be a great accessory, but you shouldn't have to wear a belt to keep your pants from falling down to your ankles. According to Women's Day, you should look for a pair of jeans that are slightly snug in the fitting room. The lycra or spandex material will stretch over time, causing them to loosen up with wear.


The Knees Are Baggy

As Refinery29 points out, the knees of your jeans usually see the most wear, as the knee is the part of the leg that moves the most. If you find the knees of your skinny jeans aren't so skinny, most likely the fabric has stretched out.