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9 Signs Your About To Get That Ring, So Congrats!

Whether always dreamed of walking down the aisle or you're just curious about where your current relationship is headed, putting a ring on it can be a big deal. Not only is it a sign of commitment, but it's the start of a whole new chapter in life. But unless you have a crystal ball, there may come a time when you find yourself looking into the signs your partner is going to propose. Obviously getting down on one knee is a dead giveaway, but if you'd like to be prepared more than a few minutes in advance, there's nothing wrong with that.

From cuffing season to Valentine's Day to pre-holiday pressures, it seems every time of year is rife with the potential to get engaged. Since 365 days is a pretty wide range of time, you probably won't be able to mathematically narrow your proposal down to a specific day. So what other options do you have besides donning a disguise and following your partner to see if they're frequenting jewelry stores? Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few ways you can tell if your significant other is about to pop the big question. So (temporarily) put down your detective hat and, instead, check out these signs your partner is going to propose soon.


They Say "We"

If your significant other's single days are firmly in the past and they are looking towards creating a solid future with you, the way they speak might be changing. According to the wedding experts at The Know, saying "we" and "us" is a sign they're going to propose. It makes sense because their language shows they've subconsciously already seeing you two as a unit.


They *Really* Know You

If your partner knows you — and I don't just mean in the biblical sense — on a deeper level than most, that's a strong indicator they're marriage material. As psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein wrote in Psychology Today, your significant other is ready to make the marital leap if they know and value all the details that make you who you are. From remembering that story about your childhood pet to supporting you in your career goals, knowing you is one of the first steps on the path to proposing.


They Don't Dismiss Hints

Every person in a long-term relationship has, at some point or another, been guilty of dropping engagement hints so heavy they could sink the Titanic. If your partner doesn't roll their eyes whenever you squeal during a jewelry commercial, there's still hope yet. According to the experts from Brides, when you hint about proposals and your partner, "looks at you with adoration and not, 'Not this nonsense again,' [they] might be ready to buy you a ring." Still, every person has their limits, so go easy on the hint-dropping.


They're Suddenly Frugal

If your significant other has recently started tightening the purse strings when it comes to making costly purchases, there could be a romantic reason behind that behavior. Glamour noted that having a miser for a partner could mean they're, "trying to save for an engagement ring, so [they] doesn't want to commit [their] hard-earned cash elsewhere." Just try to act surprised when your love splurges on some dazzling precious metals.


They Check The Calendar

Sometimes people need outside help to pull off something as monumental as a proposal. Perhaps that's why Danielle Rothweiler, a wedding planner, told Bustle, "if your S.O. seems concerned about where you will be and when you will be available, [they're] looking for a clear date to pop the question." This definitely points to proposing, especially if they have been asking your friends about your schedule, too.


They're Jumpy

This one comes straight from my own experience. In the months leading up to my partner proposing, he was a lot more spaced out and jittery than usual. As it turned out, he was just trying to rehearse the moment in his head so he could be as prepared as possible since he's a fairly introverted, non-spontaneous guy. So if your lover is looking like a cold chihuahua, an engagement ring could be right around the corner.


Your Relatives Are Acting Weird, Too

If your whole family is acting suspicious in addition to your jumpy partner, they could be in on the engagement plans. As Cosmopolitan noted, "if you have a mom or dad that can't keep a secret, see if they drop any sideways glances whenever you mention another one of your friends getting engaged." Basically, if your family and friends act differently around you or whenever the topic of nuptials comes up, your partner is probably planning to propose soon.


You Think Your House Is Haunted

Have things gone missing from your vanity? Is your jewelry box not where you left it? Before you call a priest thinking a accessory-crazed poltergeist is to blame, it could be a sign your significant other is prepping. According to The Knot, "when your favorite ring goes missing, you'll know they're trying to figure out your size." But just to be safe, maybe you can sage the house, too.


They're Future-Oriented

Even if your partner has always been one to look forward, if the topic of your shared future is dominating most conversations, it's safe to assume marriage is on the horizon. According to Brides, if they're initiating these talks, then they're, "putting the feelers out to see if you're ready and willing to be with [them] forever." Take note if five year plans start coming up more often.