9 Signs Your Partner Wants A Divorce

Dealing with the end of a marriage is rough for most everyone, and it's easy for many people to overlook the warning signs until it's too late. Sometimes, your relationship can deteriorate before you even notice something's off. If things get rocky in your marriage, then you may want to be on the lookout for the signs your partner wants a divorce.

Divorce isn't necessarily a bad thing. When one partner finds the relationship chafing, it's smart to step back and take a serious look at whether you should split up. In some cases, people are happier apart.

Granted, going through a divorce takes a lot of work. On the other hand, working to really improve your relationship will also take work. But that middle ground — being stuck in a crappy marriage without trying to end or fix it — is likely the worst scenario of all.

So you can take these signs your partner wants a divorce as a call to action. Whether splitting up or staying together is the best option is entirely up to your own situation. But on the whole, you'll probably both be in better shape for addressing these concerns head-on, instead of ignoring them and continuing to exist in a sub-par relationship. Whatever you choose, hopefully you will both be in a better place very soon.


You Have A Gut Feeling

How many times have you looked back on a relationship and thought: I knew that was a bad idea. For what it's worth, The Huffington Post noted that trusting your gut feeling is usually a solid way to judge how your relationship is really doing. Do you just have a sense that something is off?


They Throw Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are annoying enough from little kids. But when it's the only way your partner can communicate annoyance? Yuck. Sure, you can learn how to deal with adult temper tantrums, as noted in New Health Advisor, but chances are, a serious conversation about your relationship is in order. Is your partner really just trying to push you out with a terrible temper?


You Have Zero Sex

Granted, your sex life will have some ups and downs over the course of your relationship. And if both of you have low libidos, then it may not even be a cause for concern. That said, as noted on The Today Show, marriages without sex may be more vulnerable than partnerships with regular sex. Have a conversation about whether everyone's needs are being met.


They Have Secrets

Is your partner suddenly shady about text messages or online correspondences? Sometimes affairs start out as secret text message friendships, as noted by The Huffington Post. And unless you've already agreed to an open marriage, you may not like where this is headed.


The Issue A Lot Of Verbal Digs

Most couples can enjoy a joking rapport with one another. But there's a fine line between harmless ribbing and borderline bullying. If those "jokes" are said with more of a snarl than a smile, it may point to a giant lack of respect.


They Have Self-Destructive Behavior

It's heartbreaking to stand by while a loved one keeps indulging in harmful behaviors. But if your partner is pursuing addictions to the harm of your relationship, sometimes divorce may be the best result. Even if divorce isn't their end goal, sometimes you have no choice but to leave an unhealthy relationship, as explained in Psychology Today. You have to take care of yourself.


You Have Fights Over Nothing

Sometimes it seems to take nothing at all to erupt in a fight. As noted in The Huffington Post, divorce-bound couples may even argue about what they're fighting about. This inability to collaborate is not usually a great sign.


They Spend More Time Away From Home

Is your SO always busy with errands and other things outside the home? It may be a way of avoiding the need to confront the elephant in the room: your marriage. Are those extra shifts really necessary?


The Issue Constant Criticism

Sure, constructive criticism may have its place in a relationship, but chances are the remarks you're getting are anything but constructive. According to The Gottman Institute, criticism is such a powerfully destructive force in relationships that's it's known as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It may be time to run for the door.