9 Signs Your Significant Other Is Happy With Your Sex Life

When you've been in a relationship for long enough, you become more open with your partner about certain topics. But there are still the sensitive subjects where you're forced to read between the lines. Like sex. There's so many feelings surrounding the idea of healthy, successful sex lives. And in order to tell how your partner really feels about your sex life, you've got to keep your eyes open for certain signs your significant other is happy with your sex life. Some of them are simple to read, and some of them are a little less easy to identify.

According to Women's Health, studies show that men really do want to know how much they're sexually satisfying their partners. And it's only natural that you would want to know the same! Maybe you want to know how you stack up against previous partners (but if you don't want to delve into that, I get it.). Or maybe you're a little concerned with how things have been going behind closed doors lately, and think that gauging your partner's sexual happiness factor will help you sleuth out how your partner feels about — regardless of why you're interested in knowing, it's time to pay attention.


Your Partner Is Affectionate For Free

Your significant other gives to you affectionately, and doesn't expect anything in return. In other words? Your partner scratches your back because they want to, not because they're hoping you're going to scratch their back in return.


Your Partner Can't Get Enough Of You

Is your partner pretty much always raring to rip your clothes off? Good sign. If you and your partner have a hard time staying clothed while in public, this means you're both extremely happy with the way things are going in the bedroom. So happy, in fact, that you can barely wait to get there again.

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Your Partner Is Vocal In The Bedroom

If you can hear that your partner is satisfied, or if they're not afraid to ask for what they really want when you're in the midst of a sexual rendezvous, that's a surefire sign that your communication is on point. And when your communication is on point? Your sex life follows suit.


Your Partner Doesn't Count The Frequency

Sex is an important part of the overall health of a relationship, but if your partner is counting the frequency of sessions, it might be a sign that they're feeling unsatisfied. If you never hear "we haven't had sex since last week," from your partner, then you're keeping your partner satisfied, and have nothing to worry about.


You Don't Have Pity Sex

You don't ever have sex with your partner because you feel bad about something. Whether you hurt their feelings and think having sex will make it up to them, or you feel bad that you haven't done the deed in a while — no. Pity sex does nothing but make you resent your partner. A world without pity sex is a very happy world.


You're Having A Great Time

Are you having fun in your sex life? Do you laugh with your partner? Do you enjoy the sparks flying? Do you look forward to sexy time with your partner? All of these things make it clear that you're well suited to your partner, and that you're both having a great time when your clothes come off.

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Your Partner Keeps Things Exciting

You know when you're at a party and your partner comes up behind you, begging to leave so the two of you can get frisky? That's a good sign. You've made your skills the center of attention in your partner's mind, which can only mean that you're rocking their world.


Your Partner Is Happy

Along with sex comes an excess of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. All those mood-boosting chemicals floating through your brain practically make you a walking smiley-face emoji. No time for stress and anxiety when you're giving your partner all those extra mood-boosters.


You Don't Worry About Sexual Lulls

Every couple goes through a sexual lull. If you're insecure about how happy you're making your partner — this lull can definitely make you and your anxious about things. However, if you're not worried? If you don't have a single anxiety about those lulls — then you're crushing it in the bedroom. Knowing your prowess keeps your partner satisfied, even if it's less than usual lately, is an epic boost of confidence.

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