9 Signs Your Toddler Is Dehydrated & Needs Some Water Stat

Staying hydrated all day is crucial for everybody. Toddlers, however, can get so caught up in play that they forget to take a sip every now and then. That's why it's crucial to watch out for the signs your toddler is dehydrated. You'll know when your little one needs a sip, stat.

Although your kid doesn't need to chug gallons of water just to hit the playground for a few minutes, toddlers do need to drink up throughout the day. In general, toddlers need 16 to 24 ounces of water a day, according to the Children's Hospital of Orange County. Please note that this just accounts for water, not juice or other drinks.

In addition, the exact amount of water needed will also depend on your kid's size and daily activity level. It's also worth keeping in mind that toddlers need to drink more when it's hot out, too, just like anybody else. And this isn't even accounting for toddlers who lose too many fluids through sicknesses such as diarrhea. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind, in other words, so talk to your pediatrician if you have specific concerns about your kid.

On the other hand, it's important to refrain from giving your toddler too much liquid during the day. If toddlers fill up on too much liquid, then they might not want to eat enough at meals, as noted by What To Expect. It's a balance.

In general, though, it's crucial to make sure your kid gets enough water throughout the day, especially during the warmer months. Read on to learn more about the potential warning signs that your kid needs more water.


Your Kid's Lips Are Dry

Keep an eye on your kid's mouth. Oftentimes, dehydrated toddlers get dry or cracked lips, as noted by About Kids Health. If this is the case, then your kid needs some water at once.


Your Kid Is Super Fussy

Granted, toddlers can throw a fit if you hand them a drink with the wrong colored straw. They aren't exactly famous for their stability. But extreme fussiness in toddlers can sometimes be a sign of dehydration, as noted in Healthline. Your grumpy kid may just need some water.


Your Kid's Skin Is Cold Or Dry

If it's super hot out but your kid feels kind of cold, then this is a big warning sign. A toddler with cold, dry skin may severely need something to drink, as noted in Healthline.


Your Kid Doesn't Need To Pee

For the most part, toddlers need to pee pretty much all the time, always. Just ask anyone who's ever taken a tot on a road trip. So if your toddler has a decreased urine output, or doesn't urinate at all for 8 to 12 hours, then your kid may be terribly dehydrated, according to About Kids Health.


Your Kid Cries Without Tears

This is an alarming sign. When kids are super dehydrated, then they might cry without producing tears, according to Baby Center. Your kid needs some water immediately.


Your Kid Is Less Playful Than Usual

Toddlers pretty much live to play. So if your kid is less interested in play than usual, consider his fluid intake, as noted in Healthy Children. Toddlers with mild to moderate dehydration may not be as playful as usual.


Your Kid Is Super Drowsy

You probably know your toddler's general energy levels throughout the day. So if your toddler seems uncharacteristically drowsy or dizzy, then dehydration may be to blame, as noted in Kids Health. It's easy to feel run-down and fatigued when you're running low on water.


Your Kid Complains Of A Dry Mouth

It's a classic sign of thirst. If your toddler complains about a dry, parched mouth, then it's time for some water, as noted in Healthy Children. Top off your tot.


Your Kid's Breathing Is Fast

This is another alarming sign. An increased breathing rate can mean your toddler is dehydrated, as noted by Healthline. Give your kid a drink immediately. And if this or any other sign gives you concern, don't hesitate to contact your pediatrician for advice. Otherwise, just make sure both you and your kid stay safe and hydrated all year long.