9 Signs Your Underwear Doesn't Fit Just Right

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

There's no feeling worse than being uncomfortable in your underwear. Whether you're just hanging around the house or having a night out with friends, that feeling of being in a pair of underwear that doesn't quite cut it can ruin the night. Regardless of your age, I'm more than positive that at some point the feeling that I described has been felt. Being that it's a common thing, noticing the signs that your underwear doesn't fit just right can save you from having a day or night of uncomfortableness.

A few years ago, I lost close to 30 pounds. Though I wasn't considered out of shape to many people, I felt like I was to myself. After I lost the weight, I dropped two pant sizes with it and, in turn, had to purchase new underwear too. Before I completely threw out all of my old pairs, I wore them a few more times and it was honestly the worst thing that I could have ever done. Feeling like you need to adjust your underwear when you've already put your pants on over them, is not the best feeling in the world. Since then, I've restocked to the right size and try to keep track of when it's time to upgrade to some fresh pair.

If the signs haven't been that obvious for you in the past, these nine points might help you trade out your undies sooner.


It Starts To Sag

When I lost those pounds a few years ago, saggy panties were something that I experienced and it was so uncomfortable. If your underwear is dropping then it's time to trade up (or down, as the size case may be.)


The Seams Have Become Painful

If it doesn't fit perfectly, Dr. Sandra Lee told Women's Health that underwear with seams can cause chronic irritation and the rubbing can cause abrasions deep enough to darken your skin. Try purchasing seamless panties instead.


You're Uncomfortable

Though it seems obvious enough, according to Good Housekeeping, if your underwear are uncomfortable, you should throw them away.


You've Had Them Since High School

If you've had your same underwear since high school, chances are they aren't fitting you how they should anymore. Plus, they're probably a little childish.


You're Getting Bacterial Infections

Livestrong wrote that if you're getting frequent bacterial or yeast infections, you need to check the fit of your underwear.


They Give You Muffin Top

Just like your pants, if your underwear are giving you muffin top, they could be too tight or too small.


They've Began To Unravel

Every woman has that favorite pair of panties that they won't throw away no matter what they look like. Even though I had a favorite pair that were super comfy, once they began to unravel in certain areas, I had to throw them out because they no longer fit correctly.


They're Too Small

Due to frequent washing,Good Housekeeping noted that underwear have a tendency to shrink, especially if they are made out of cotton. If your butt cheeks are showing (and you didn't want them to) then it's time for a new pair.


Your Heartburn Has Increased

According to Livestrong, wearing high-rise panties that are too tight can compress the stomach and cause acid reflux into the esophagus resulting in heartburn.