9 'Sleeping Beauty'-Inspired Baby Names That Grow With Your Child

I always feel for people who are struggling to choose the perfect name for their future child. Everyone needs some inspiration when it comes to picking a name, and what better than one of your favorite fairy tale movies to get your gears turning? If you've always loved the name Aurora, consider one of these Sleeping Beauty-inspired baby names for your little guy or gal.

There is something magical about names that come from fairy tales. Whether it's the meaning attached to the name or the traits of the character that you adore, literary names will never go out of style. Sleeping Beauty is no exception when it comes to tales full of lively characters with big personalities. Maybe you love the way Merryweather rolls off your tongue, or you just feel your child will be destined for greatness by having the name Samson. As it turns out, Sleeping Beauty is kinda the jackpot of awesome baby names. There is a little bit of everything, from classics to things that are a little more offbeat and original.

If you've hit a wall in your search for an amazing baby name, see if you can imagine your chid with one of these nine names inspired by Sleeping Beauty.



Before gaining fame as a sleeping princess, the name Aurora was linked to the Roman Goddess of Morning, which gives the name it's meaning: dawn.



In the original Grimm Brothers' version of this fairy tale, the princess is named Briar Rose. Die hard fans will give you plenty of street cred for using Rose instead of Aurora.



Recognized for her signature red attire, Flora was one of the fairies that looked after Sleeping Beauty. The name's meaning is flower, and is a long standing classic.



So there may be child out there who would be OK having the name, Malificent — but to be on the safe side, try Mally as a softer adaptation of the name.



Phillip or Phil is a strong name that means lover of horses — perfect if you're trying to raise an animal lover.



Naming a child Leah means you will probably have a hard worker on your hands. The name, which means weary, was the choice for the Queen in Sleeping Beauty. I'm just saying, running a kingdom would make me hella weary.



If Stephen Curry hasn't given this name enough swag yet (which I'm pretty sure he has), then go the royal route and name your little man after King Stefan.



Merrywather, known as the boldest of the fairy sisters, is the perfect name for a spunky little girl. The name can also be shortened to Merry.



Prince Phillip's horse has the classic name, Samson. Use the full version, or shorten it to Sam to keep things simple.

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