9 Subscription Boxes For Kids That Make Life…

by Bianca Mendez

"I'm bored," may be one of the most common and most dreaded sentences to hear from a kid. But you can keep those words coming for your tots mouths by investing in some awesome subscription boxes for kids. After all, subscription boxes are no longer reserved solely for beauty products, fitness clothes, and pets. Now, there are an array of subscription boxes for kids to choose from, which will help sharpen their skill set, introduce a new subject, or simply keep them entertained, so you can get stuff done. Plus, what could be more exciting than knowing each month brings a fun new source of entertainment with it? When you're a kid, getting personalized mail on a regular basis is like experiencing the holidays every month.

I took a look at subscription services that both kids and moms will love, in order to learn about some of the coolest options available. Each box is specifically geared to refine your child’s learning skills or spark creativity, whether it’d be through cooking, arts and crafts, or science. (Seriously, where were these when I was growing up?) Moms will love them because they’re affordable, and they’re great for holidays or days off from school when you’ve run out of ideas on how to entertain them. Plus, there is no greater joy than watching your child’s imagination run wild. Here are a few stellar subscription boxes for kids to consider investing in this year.


For The Next Top Chef

Foodstirs Modern Baking Subscription Box, $20 a month, Foodstirs

Does your kid love to help with cooking? Foodstirs is a monthly subscription service that provides your little baker with an easy-to-follow recipe and ingredients to make wow-worthy baked goods. Think mummy brownie cupcakes, ombre pancakes, and other awesome sweet treats. All ingredients are non-GMO and organic, crafted without the use of artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives. Perfect for those upcoming snow days or holidays when your kids start complaining that they're bored.


For Your Globe Trotting Toddler

Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription, $18 per month Little Passports

Is your child curious about the world and asking questions to which you don't know the answer? The Little Passport subscription service introduces preschoolers to world geography before they step into a classroom. Your first kit comes with a 20-page activity booklet, world map, stickers and a little suitcase to put everything inside. What I love most about this service is that it gives kids a glimpse of history, cultures, and languages, promoting diversity and an open mind at a young age. They also offer USA and World edition subscription kits, so the kiddos can keep learning as they get bigger.


For Your Future Noble Peace Prize Winner

Koala Crate, $20 per month, Kiwi Crate Inc.

This Koala Crate subscription provides the learning tools and creative activities to embrace your tot's curious mind. Starting at $17 a month, you get a kit centered around a theme like science, social studies, and more. Each kit comes with a magazine, arts and craft,s and other hands-on activities for your kids to learn while having fun. Not to mention, these kits encourage parents to get in on the fun, too, making it a great bonding session.


For The Bookworm

Giftlit Book Subscription, $60 for three months, Giftlit

Can't keep up with your kid's book obsession? Giftlit delivers kids a brand new book for as low as $59 for three months. Parents can pick from a curated collection on Giftlit, which is put together by librarians and fellow book lovers, or create their own for a more customizable gift. A few notable collections include Dr. Seuss favorites, bedtime stories, and more.


For The Girls Who Can Do Anything

GIRLS CAN! Crate, $26 a month, GIRLS CAN Crate

Teach your girl that she can do anything she sets her mind to – that's the purpose of this GIRLS CAN! monthly subscription box. This service introduces young girls to female role models like Florence Nightingale and Bessie Coleman through craft projects and stories that teach about their life and careers. As an added bonus, 10 percent of proceeds go to support nonprofit organizations that aim to empower girls.


For The Kid Who Gets Sick Of Toys Fast

Pley Toy Rental Subscription Box, $13 a month, Pley

The Pley Toy rental subscription box is more for moms who can't stand the clutter of unused toys, but kids will love it, too. For as little as $13 a month, kids can rent a toy from top manufacturers (Like Mattel and Lego) and give it back when they're done playing with it. And for every sign-up, Pley gives a toy to a child in need, how awesome is that?


For Budding Artists

Little Scribblers Art Club Subscription, $75 for three months, Little Scribblers Art Club

Do you have an artist who likes to draw on everything? The Little Scribblers subscription box gives your kids a place to express themselves artistically. Each month contains four easy-to-do crafts associated with each season, plus the tools they need to complete it.


For Your Growing Baby

Bumby Box, $50 a month, Bumby Box

Having trouble figuring out which toys are age-appropriate? Bumby Box will solve your problems by sending you three to four toys a month that are carefully curated to match up with your child's age developmental stage and interests. All toys are sustainable and eco-friendly, making for safe play, and based around a theme to promote learning.


For A Boost Of Brain Power

Bumble Brain Box, $25 a month, Bumble Brain Box

Bumble Brain Box helps babies and toddlers refine their developmental skills. Each box is specifically catered to your baby's needs with activities and toys picked out by Bumble Brain's curated team and psychologists. And for moms, the box also features a booklet explaining the science behind each activity, so you can understand your baby's mind a bit better.

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