9 Subscription Boxes For Pregnant Women, To Pamper Them Again & Again

You can never spoil a pregnant woman enough. Repeat that again. You can never spoil a pregnant woman enough. This is true on a year-round basis and especially true during the holidays. Growing a baby is tough work and nausea, swollen feet, and aching backs suck. Factor in all the extra energy used for holiday entertaining, gift shopping, etc. and you have one tired mama-to-be. While any gift is a treat, ones that come each trimester or monthly are even better, so we put together the 9 best subscription boxes for pregnant women, to give the special expecting lady in your life months of presents.

Subscription boxes have become a very popular gift option for the simple reason that the goodness keeps coming months after the initial present. And With companies working hard to curate items that cater to targeted recipients, there are many excellent options in the maternity genre alone. Most of these boxes are tailored to the woman's due date or stage of pregnancy and take into account what a mom-to-be is needing at that stage, whether it's to help with morning sickness or some extra pampering. There are even boxes that focus on eco-friendly products for those extra conscious recipients. Some brands also offer postpartum boxes that extend beyond pregnancy and cater to women who are nursing their new babe. And don't think that the men have been forgotten — you can even find subscription boxes that cater to new dads.

You really can't go wrong with any of the these so if you know a pregnant woman who is in need of some extra pampering, or essentials that will make their pregnancy journey a smoother one, check out these subscription boxes that cater to pregnant women.


Baby Bump Bundle

Pregnancy Essentials (from $47/month, Baby Bump Bundle)

If you could go to six stores and pick out an assortment of things that a mom-to-be could truly use, like comfy socks or belly cream, this would be the box you would create. With boxes available for each trimester, it's a wonderful treat for any pregnant woman.


Stitch Fix Maternity

Maternity Clothing (prices vary per item, Stitch Fix)

Finding clothing that looks good on an ever-changing pregnant body isn't always easy. Stitch Fix is a clothing sales company that pairs the recipient with a personal stylist who looks at their size, shape and style preferences to send them a box of five clothing and accessory items to choose from, with a bonus discount if they select all five. Now their pregnancy fashion will be styled for them, too. Stitch Fix even offers clothing for when they are showing, but not telling and for postpartum and beyond.

This is a great option for a woman to sign up for during her own pregnancy journey, but if you are gifting it, make sure you let the mom-to-be know about the rules in advance (you keep it, you buy it), and when you send the first order over, include a gift card that she can spend on some pieces as part of the gift. Shipping is free for both purchases and returns.



Womb Love Box ($30/month, Cratejoy)

This monthly box takes care of the pregnant mind and body. It includes everything from superfood snacks to books to aromatherapy items. All of the products come from women-created businesses.


Bump Boxes

Pregnancy Box (from $34/month, Bump Boxes)

Select from 3-month, 6-month and 9-month subscriptions to send pregnancy essentials to a mom-to-be in need of pampering. Each box is customized to their due dates, so moms in the first trimester may get some anti-nausea candies and moms toward the end of their pregnancies might get a hand and foot massager, which will help them reach their toes when they can't themselves any longer.



Eco-friendly Gift Bundles (from $35/month, 21Bundles)

These monthly gifts are curated with the due date in mind and are tailor-made for pregnant women who who seek environmentally-friendly, chemical-free products. You can order these month-to-month or prepay for three or six month packages, with a discount for paying in advance.


Mama Bird Box

Modern Pregnancy Box (from $35, Cratejoy)

Life will be all about baby soon enough. These boxes are intended to pamper women during pregnancy and include beauty products, inspirational quotes, socks, vitamins, and snacks. Boxes can be ordered on a month to month basis.


Ecocentric Mom

Organic and Eco-friendly Box (from $28/month, Ecocentric Mom)

This company allows you to select some of the items yourself and then has their curators throw a few more in. Choose from soaps, lip balms, creams and other organic, non-GMO, natural, and non-toxic products to create a personalized box.



Organic Pregnancy Box (from $50/month, Cratejoy)

This box is for anyone with a BITO — bun in the oven. This one not only gives the recipient some wonderful pregnancy products, but according to the website, "each purchase supports maternal health projects helping deliver safe childbirths to mothers who need it," so it's a double gift.



Maternity Clothes Box (from $36/month, Cratejoy)

This is a great option for the expecting woman who stares in her closet and feels like she has nothing to wear. Choose from the monthly Petit Bundle, which includes a clothing item, handcrafted jewelry piece, and mystery gift, or the Bumpte Bundle, which includes everything from the Petit Bundle plus 2 additional clothing items.

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