9 Subtle Signs Of A Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are not fun, but unfortunately, most women experience one sooner or later. They can be both painful and unpleasant, but thankfully with the right treatment they can be over before you know it. There are some subtle signs of a yeast infection you should keep an eye out for to make sure you're ready to fight it.

Yeast infections can strike pretty much anyone — not just women. You might not realize it, but men can come down with them as well according to Healthline. Even babies can get yeast infections, according to Baby Center. And they have a lot of different potential causes. Prevention noted that you might get a yeast infection from not changing your tampon often enough, from taking antibiotics, or from having sex with someone who has one (even though they aren't actually considered a sexually transmitted infection).

Although plenty of home remedies are available to treat yeast infections, your best bet is to see a doctor to rule any other issues, according to Everyday Health. And luckily, yeast infections are fairly preventable. One of the easiest ways to keep them away is to sleep without underwear once a week or so, according to Pop Sugar.

Here are nine symptoms to look out for if you think you might be developing a yeast infection.



Itching around your lady parts can be annoying and embarrassing. It's also a tell-tale sign of a yeast infection, according to Everyday Health. So rather than hope it goes away on its own, make sure to see a doctor.



A major change in your discharge can mean a yeast infection. According to Popsugar, many women with yeast infections will have thick, white, cottage cheese-like discharge.


Vaginal Pain

Pain in your nether regions is just not normal. Monistat noted that if you're feeling any pain or tenderness in your vaginal area, you might have a yeast infection.


Vaginal Swelling

If your lady parts are looking or feeling a little puffier than normal, you may want to get it checked out. According to Kids Health, vaginal swelling could be caused by a yeast infection.


Painful Urination

Yeast infections can make your trips to the bathroom unpleasant. The Center for Young Women's Health noted that if you're experiencing pain or burning during urination, a yeast infection could be to blame.


Pain During Sex

Yeast infections might take some of the fun out of sex. That's because they can cause pain during intercourse, according to the Cleveland Clinic.



Women's Health noted that if you're feeling a burning sensation in and around your vagina, you might have a yeast infection. Getting it treated can get you some relief.



If your vagina is suddenly looking red and inflamed, don't ignore it. The color change could be caused by a yeast infection, according to the Mayo Clinic.



A vaginal rash can look gross and feel even worse. If you've suddenly developed one, Healthline noted that it could be a symptom of a yeast infection.