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9 Subtle Signs You're An Award-Winning Drama Queen
by Leah Carton

Have your teenage drama queen days followed you into adulthood? Sure, it's OK to have a minor freak out every now and then, but when others often say you're overreacting, you may have a personality problem. This could be one of the subtle signs you may be just a bit dramatic. It's better to nip these bad habits in the bud before you start to thrive on the dramatic lifestyle.

In an interview with CIO, co-author of The Drama-Free Office: A Guide to Healthy Collaboration with Your Team, Coworkers, and Boss Kaley Klemp said it's important to notice who's engaged in the drama to get at the root cause of a conflict. The more you stay away from drama, the better off you are. Additionally, Klemp said there are four primary "drama types," which include complainers, cynics, controllers, and caretakers.

If your dramatic lifestyle is taking over your life, you may have something called Histrionic Personality Disorder. According to Psychology Today, Histrionic Personality Disorder is characterized by symptoms of constant attention-seeking, emotional overreaction, and suggestibility.

Get a grasp on your dramatic personality before it has negative effects on your friendships, relationships, and overall outlook on life. Want to make a change before it's too late? Here are some hints that you may be a bit dramatic.


You Thrive On Lots Of Attention

According to Psychology Today, those who thrive on attention are trying to convince themselves, by convincing you, they are important. It's good to be in the spotlight every now and then, but others will grow tired of your constant need for all eyes on you.


You're High-Maintenance

In an article she wrote for Self Growth, Margaret Paul, Ph.D., said a person who is high maintenance has no responsibility for their own feelings of security, worth, well-being, or happiness. If you can't take care of yourself, why expect others to? Erase bad habits little by little to ease up on the drama.


You Have A Meltdown Over The Little Things

There are simple ways to dry your tears if you feel the waterworks coming on over nothing. Try easing your worries by taking deep breaths and finding a quiet place to relax. However, crying sometimes isn't all that bad. In fact, past studies have found that crying can have soothing, mood-boosting effects, according to Health.


You Create Problems At Work

According to Good Therapy, research has shown that workplace stress is associated with increased mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. So, why be a worry wort about the little things? If substantial problems do arise at work, schedule a meeting with your boss to talk it over. Whatever you do, don't throw out names or punches with coworkers.


You Feel The Rough Waters Of A Relationship

According to Psychology Today, being crisis-prone in a relationship means that you're constantly creating drama with your significant other. Instead of creating big problems out of minor situations, take it easy, and listen to your partner. They'll appreciate your newfound chill attitude, and respect your decision to address problems only when it's needed.


You're Obsessed With Your Appearance

According to Psychology Today, you may dramatize your life by using physical appearance to draw attention to yourself. Additionally, Psychology Today noted that your emotional expression may be shallow and shifting if you love drama.


You Listen And Contribute To Gossip Sessions

Do you love to listen to the latest gossip? According to StyleCaster, you may be a bit dramatic if you need gossip to keep your life interesting and fresh, never boring. StyleCaster interviewed career expert and author of Career Frustration in the Workplace Michael Owhoko, who said, "at all times, you must protect yourself against anything that could put your integrity to question, and also try not to be vulnerable to things that can hurt your reputation."


You Surround Yourself With Fellow Drama Queens

The more you're surrounded by and exposed to dramatic people, the more you're likely to pick up their habits. According to Entrepreneur, you should build a network of positive friends, acquaintances and professional contacts. Keeping positive levelheaded friends around will soon diminish your dramatic ways.


Your Drama Test Score Proves It

Do you want proof that you may be a bit dramatic? According to Bustle, there is a science-backed test to see if you're a drama queen. You can take a dramatic personality test online to see your own results.