9 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Metabolism

Most people don't spend a ton of time thinking about their metabolism. In fact, you probably just think of it as something that's fast or slow, and then go about your day. For what it's worth, however, your metabolism can have a huge effect on your overall health. It's important to know the surprising signs from your body that something's wrong with your metabolism, so you can take action and stay healthy.

Before diving in, it's helpful to have a quick review of metabolic basics. According to the Mayo Clinic, metabolism refers to the way your body converts food and drinks into energy. Depending on factors such as your body size, sex, and age, your metabolism helps determine the number of calories you need to take in each day, as further noted by the Mayo Clinic.

This is a complex system and, unfortunately, many things can go wrong with your metabolism. What's more, these metabolic disorders may be inherited, and there are currently hundreds of inherited metabolic disorders known to physicians, according to WebMD. These disorders include Hurler syndrome or Tay-Sachs disease. And, to make matters worse, there are also many types of metabolic disorders that you can develop over your lifetime, such as diabetes, as noted by Because so many things can go wrong with this system, it's in your best interest to recognize the signs that something is wrong with your metabolism.


You're Always Thirsty

If you're often thirsty in the literal sense, then it may be a sign something is up. According to the Mayo Clinic, having increased thirst may point to a metabolic syndrome. When combined with other symptoms, it may even point to diabetes.


Your Body Is Quick To Inflame

Is your tissue easily irritated? This symptom is a bummer. As noted by the National Health Service, if your body is quick to develop inflammation, then this may point to issues with metabolic syndrome.


You Suffer From Blurred Vision

It may be surprising to learn that your metabolism may affect your vision. But as noted in the Mayo Clinic, having blurred vision is another sign of metabolic syndrome. This is a possible result of high blood sugar.


You Have To Pee A Lot

Do you need to go more or less all the time? Although many maladies can affect your bladder, feeling a pronounced need to urinate more frequently, especially in the evening hours, may point to metabolic problems, according to the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services. This is more likely if diabetes is present.


You Develop Jaundice

Have you noticed a yellow tint to your skin or eyes? This may be a sign of jaundice, which is sometimes a symptom of an inherited metabolic disorder, according to WebMD. Whatever the cause, you may want to have that condition checked out by a physician.


Your Urine Is Dark Brown

Sure, urine can tend to be darker in color when you're a bit dehydrated. But if it's next-level dark, say approaching a brown or black hue, then this may signify the existence of a metabolic condition, as noted by Florida Hospital. You may want immediate medical attention for this issue.


You're Not Hungry

For plenty of people, experiencing a decrease in hunger may be a welcome experience. However, a poor appetite is another potential marker of an inherited metabolic disorder, as noted by WebMD. And, to make matters more confusing, this lack of appetite may be brought on suddenly, or it may creep up on you slowly.


You're Tired AF

If you feel run-down all the time, then your metabolism may be the problem. As noted in Healthgrades, fatigue is a symptom of some metabolic disorders you acquire during your lifetime. Combined with additional symptoms, it may mean you need to visit your doctor for a checkup.


You Experieince Seizures

Whatever the cause, seizures are frightening to behold or experience. And as noted in WebMD, seizures are another potential sign of an inherited metabolic disorder. In general, a seizure is reason to seek immediate medical attention.