9 Ways Your Body Tells You You're Not In Love

Falling in love is one of the greatest experiences that anyone can have. If you ask me, there's nothing like finding the person that's you feel is perfect for you and can see a future with. Unfortunately though, things don't always work out like that and you're forced to call it quits. The decision to split may be obvious to some, but others toy with the idea for a long time. That's why taking note of the surprising signs from your body that you've fallen out of love can be helpful in making the decision to move on.

Speaking on a personal level, these signs helped me realize that my last relationship wasn't the one for me. I found myself being standoffish more often than not, and lost my sense of excitement and urgency to see my spouse when he came to visit. Although I attempted to reignite the flame and revert back to why I fell in love in the first place, those tactics won't always work. When they didn't work for me, I knew it was time to end it and was happy that I didn't draw it out longer than the year and half we had already spent together.

If you're not sure whether or not your relationship is in trouble of ending, take a look at these nine signs from your body and ask yourself if they apply to you.


You Turn Away From Them When Sitting Together

According to Redbook, if your body tends to face away from your partner when you're together, you've probably fallen out of love. When you're in love, your interaction is more intimate. Try stretching yourself across your partner to respark those loving moments.


You Don't Cry When You Think About Losing Them

Feeling empty when you think about being single again? That could definitely be a sign that the love is gone in your relationship. I remember having a feeling similar to this in one of my previous relationships and though I tried to respark it, it didn't work much. Remembering why you fell in love with them from the beginning may work for you.


You Feel Sick When It's Time To Be Intimate

Remember those days of when kissing or having sex your partner were the only things you could think of? Well, if you've started feeling sick when those things happen now, the love could totally be out of the window.


You Don't Get Butterflies Anymore

According to Ask Men, if you have a bad feeling where your butterflies used to be, your love could be gone. Pay attention to the signs your body is giving you.


You Mentally Notice Every Flaw

All of those things that used to be attractive or no big deal to you can become the main focus of why you're ready to be single when you've fallen out of love. Being in love with someone will cause you to overlook things that would normally be an issue, so falling out of love will magnify them.


You Get Tense Or Uncomfortable When They Are Around

Redbook noted that stiffness or anxiety when around your partner could be a sign that the love has faded away. Everyone wants to know that they are making their partner happy and if you're uncomfortable around them, that sends the wrong message.


You Have An Attitude When They Talk To You

Have you become snappy or filled with an attitude every time your partner talks to you? It could be because you've grown tired of them and are just staying in the relationship out of convenience. If you can't get over this feeling, ending the relationship would be the best option.


Your Sex Drive Is No Longer Present

According to Buzzfeed, if the sex has been eliminated from your relationship, the love has, too. Though a dead sex life can work for some, not having that sexual attraction can place a huge burden on your relationship.


You Unintentionally Pull Away When They Attempt To Touch You

Pulling away from your significant other when they attempt to hold your hand, touch or kiss you could be a sign that you're not in love with them anymore. In some cases, you may do this unintentionally, but the result of not being in love is usually the same.