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9 Surprising Signs You're Ready To Have Kids

No one is ready to be a parent. Like ever. Even people who've wanted to procreate since they were kids themselves can never be completely ready for parenting. With that in mind, people take the parenting plunge all the time. Are you one of them? The surprising signs you're ready to have kids don't just appear in your life out of nowhere. But they might be hard to detect if you've been ambiguous about the whole parenting thing.

Then again, the universe has a funny way of pointing things out to you, right? Although being responsible is a nonnegotiable among the parenting set, you're probably more responsible than you think. And, as physician Dr. Alex Lickerman told Psychology Today, you can become responsible at any point in your life — a process that is empowering and brings you joy. That's not to say that you can't be a responsible and happy person without becoming a parent. This idea just asserts the notion that you have ultimate agency over your life.

Babble noted that if you're waiting for the perfect time to have a kid, you'll be waiting forever. Ironic? Totally. Because, guess what, just because you're going to be a parent doesn't mean you stop being the person you used to be. If you were a cynic before parenthood, it's likely you'll hang on to your cynicism after baby as well. Just maybe not as much. Or who knows; review the following surprising signs you're ready to have kids and see if you fit the bill.


You Have A Secret Stash Of Clothes That Are Too Big For You

Come on, admit that you've been stashing roomy clothes that don't fit you anymore. According to The Stir, that's a sign you're ready to have a baby or at least considered chic non-maternity maternity clothes.


You Take Face Swap With Your Partner Very Seriously

Although you might think Face Swap is a fun app to amuse you and your partner on a Saturday night means you're still a kid yourself, ask yourself this: are you wondering what might happen if you and your partner mixed genes?


That Money You Were Saving Is Really A College Fund For Your Unborn Child

According to Woman's Day, being able to manage your finances is one of the major signs you're ready to have kids. This means you're thinking about the future, and have enough maturity to not buy everything your heart desires once you earn a decent paycheck.


You Find Yourself Scanning Pregnancy Message Boards Instead Of Your Ex's Instagram

If you find yourself looking up apps to track your fertility instead of stalking your ex's social media, that's a sign that you might be ready to hit the What To Expect Message boards with a couple questions of your own.


You've Talked About Parenting Styles With Your Partner

Do you see your partner as a potential parent, and not just a significant other? If so, that's a sign you might be ready to become a parent yourself. Have you taken one of Parents' "what kind of dad will your dude be" quizzes? Maybe you're just curious about human nature, or maybe it's a sign of something else.


You've Been Taking Folic Acid Supplements

If you've been biologically preparing yourself to have a child with a decreased chance of birth defects by taking folic acid even before trying to conceive, this is a sign that you want to be healthy, according to Kid's Health. It's also a sign that you might be unconsciously prepping your body for pregnancy.


You've Accepted Yourself As A Work-In-Progress

You might not be perfect, but you love yourself anyway. If you realize this, you're more self-actualized than you think, according to Psychology Today. Once you accept yourself, and accept life has limitations, you're doing pretty darn well as this whole adult thing. Plus, an noted by Babble, most humans learn about themselves on the job, and that includes parents.


You Love Change

Do you go with the flow and accept that life is constantly changing and you are constantly learning new stuff? If you've learned how to ride waves and not swim against them (I'm speaking metaphorically here) then guess what, you're in exactly the right place from which to start a family. Parenting discussed how becoming a mom can change you for the better making you more secure in who you are as a person.


You're Scared Of Becoming A Parent

Becoming a parent is probably one of the biggest life changes you can go through, so it's only natural to be terrified. Psychologist Dr. Robert Leahy told Psychology Today that fear helped the human race evolve as a species, so not only is yours natural, it might even help you be a kick-ass parent, ready to protect and guide your future kids.