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9 Surprising Things That Cause Dark Eye Circles

Whether they're blue, brown, purple, or something else, dark eye circles can be a person's worst nightmare. Because of this, you probably do your best to get as much shut eye as possible (unless, of course, you're a mom.) But if you're getting your full eight hours each night and are still waking up to those pesky dark circles under your eyes in the morning, something else may be the problem. There are some surprising things that cause dark eye circles that have nothing to do with how many hours of sleep you're getting.

After taking a closer look at some of your habits, you may find that your makeup, your allergies, or even your parents are the real reason you are covering your eyes with concealer every morning in an effort to keep yourself from looking like a raccoon when you leave the house.

If you're brave enough to stop hiding behind those sunglasses for a few minutes, you should check out this list of surprising causes of dark eye circles and see if any of them apply. If so, you may want to find out what kind of concealer your grandmother has been using all of these years.


Your Using Bad Makeup

As mentioned in Good Housekeeping, if your eye makeup irritates your skin, the resulting rubbing and scratching can cause dark circles. Try switching to a different brand.


Your Parents Passed Down Bad Genes

According to Stylecaster, your family may be to blame for those pesky under eye circles, as hyperpigmentation around the eyes can be hereditary. Sadly, there's nothing you can do about it.


You're Removing Your Makeup Wrong

Allure noted that scrubbing eyeliner and mascara off of your face at night can cause dark eye circles. Instead, use a facial cleansing oil that will melt eye makeup away, per the publication's suggestion.

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You Suffer From Allergies

According to Pop Sugar, the nasal congestion associated with seasonal allergies can cause something of a blood traffic jam under the eyes, which will leave dark circles behind.


You Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

Elle noted that drinking alcohol can cause dark circles, so you may want to consider cutting down on the booze.


You Spend Too Much Time In The Sun

According to Allure, the skin underneath your eyes is thin, and as a result more susceptible to dark circles when out in the sun for too long. Seek out shade and be sure to apply sunscreen.

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You Wear Heavy Glasses

It may be time for contacts. According to Cosmopolitan UK, wearing heavy frame glasses can put stress on the skin around the eyes, resulting in dark circles.


You're Stressed

Take a chill pill. Stress can cause the blood to leave your face and go elsewhere in your body, as mentioned in Cosmopolitan UK.


You Smoke

As mentioned on Total Beauty, smoking cigarettes causes skin to lose moisture, which as a result produces dark circles.