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9 Tall Girl Fashion Rules You Don't Have To Follow

If you're a tall girl, most likely you've been told what things you should wear and what things you should steer clear of. And if you've been listening, you've probably avoided heels, color, and plenty of other fashion trends that make shopping for girl clothes totally worth it. But it's time to turn all of those fashion rules on their pretty little heads, and break down a few of the tall girl fashion rules you never have to follow.

The experts will always have their opinions about what is flattering for your statuesque physique. But if the world has learned one thing from Madonna and Lady Gaga, it's that fashion rules are meant to be broken. I'm not suggesting that you go out and get a meat dress, but you should be creative with your clothes and experiment with the trends that interest you. Most importantly, your style should be an extension of yourself.

So silence the haters and do you. The next time you're out shopping, do yourself a favor and try a new style that you've always avoided on account of your height. And maybe next year the fashion police will decide that vertical stripes are ok to wear after all.


Wear Flats At All Times

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Old Thinking: You don't need to add any inches to your tall frame. Keep your heels to 3-inches and under.

Real Talk: What a better way to show of those gorgeous gams than with a ridiculously high heel?


Skinny Jeans Are Best

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Old Thinking: Skinny jeans are the most flattering style for your tall gals.

Real Talk: Pair your flares with a cute clog or platform heel for a Boho glam look.


Longer Hair Is In

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Old Thinking: Keep hair at chin length or longer. Short hair can be emasculating.

Real Talk: Accentuate chiseled cheek bones with a short cropped do. Add dramatic eye makeup and bold lip, and no one will ever accuse you of looking like a dude.


With Bags, Bigger Is Better

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Old Thinking: Small bags can get lost on a large frame. Carry a larger bag instead.

Real Talk: Let the occasion and your mood determine the size of your accessories. Choose a larger tote for weekend errands. A formal event may call for a smaller clutch.


Avoid Mid-Length Skirts

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Old Thinking: Stick with skirts above the knee or opt for maxi length.

Real Talk: Play around with mid-length skirts. Try one with a front slit to give a peek at your long, sexy legs.


Stay Away From Short Shorts

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Old Thinking: Steer clear of short shorts, which can make your legs look too long.

Real Talk: If you've got it, you might as well flaunt it. Go ahead and rock those Daisy Dukes, girl!


Vertical Stripes Are A No-No

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Old Thinking: Vertical stripes only exaggerate a tall frame, and can be unflattering.

Real Talk: If you like stripes, wear stripes. One idea: This trend doesn't have to be interpreted literally. Play around with vertical blocks of color for an unexpected and very cool look.


Cinch The Waist

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Old Thinking: Use a belt or tie to cinch in your waist, and create more of an hourglass figure.

Real Talk: Balance your top and bottom, but play around with silhouettes that suit your style. Try a shorter A-line dress or fitted pant with a loose tunic.


Avoid Prints On The Bottom


So Last Year: Prints on the bottom can be distracting. Monochromatic looks are more flattering to tall girls.

Real Talk: Have fun with print. If you're a little shy, stick to a simple print in neutral colors.