9 Things To Do A Week Before Your Due Date

Nothing tests a woman's patience like waiting to go into labor. As your due date draws closer, you're likely very physically uncomfortable and incredibly eager to meet your baby, as well as a little stressed about the huge change that your life is about to undergo. Instead of going stir-crazy while you wait for baby to arrive, you might as well keep yourself busy. There are several things every pregnant should do a week before her due date, and don't worry— they're not all work and no play.

Although 40 weeks seems like a long time to be pregnant, the time manages to fly by given how busy you are and how much you need to do to prepare for your baby's impending arrival. Before you know it, you might find yourself falling behind on everything you want to get done. Every item on your to do list might feel vital, but it's also incredibly important not to overdo it when you've got a bun in the oven. That's why you should focus only on your top priorities, and don't hesitate to enlist a little help when you can.

Here are nine things to check off your list before your baby is born.



Even if you're blessed with a baby who sleeps through the night, you're still going to get a lot less rest than you did before becoming a parent. That's why you should enjoy your sleep while you still can, according to Parents.


Double Check Your Hospital Bag

Even if you've already packed your bag, you might want to give it another look through to see if you've missed anything important. Parents suggested tossing things like flip flops for the shower and change for the vending machines into your hospital bag.


Get Your Gear Ready

For someone who isn't even born yet, I bet your kid already has a whole lot of stuff. You'll want it to ready for his or her arrival, so Baby Center noted that you should wash your baby's clothes, make sure their crib is built, and get their car seat installed before the bog day.


Decide Who Can Come Visit

Chances are you'll be exhausted and emotional after giving birth, and you may not feel like welcoming visitors for a while. If you think your family and friends might be pushy about coming to meet the baby, Pregnant Chicken suggested laying down the ground rules about guests before your labor begins.


Hire A House Cleaner

You don't want to come home to a messy house after giving birth, but you probably don't have the energy to give it a good cleaning when you're pregnant. Baby Center suggested hiring someone to come clean for you before your baby arrives.


Freeze Some Meals

Finding the time and energy to cook when you've got a newborn at home won't be easy, so The Bump suggested freezing meals before you leave for the hospital. It'll guarantee you get a good meal without going broke ordering delivery.


Research Breastfeeding

If you're hoping to breastfeed, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that it'll just come naturally and easy once your baby is born. Many women are surprised by how difficult breastfeeding is. Kelly Mom suggested checking out a breastfeeding support group if you can, and stocking up on items that will help you succeed like nursing bras and nipple cream.


Get Things In Order At Work

If you're still working a week before your due date, you'll want to start getting things in order for your maternity leave according to Fit Pregnancy. That can include things like wrapping up assignments, delegating any duties, even hammering out your return date and figuring out where you'll be able to pump when you come back. Do it now and your future self will thank you.


Have Sex

Sex may be the furthest thing from your mind when you're nine months pregnant, but there are a few reasons you might want to consider it. First, you and your partner might struggle to make time for intimacy once your baby is born. Also, if you're absolutely over being pregnant and want to speed up the process a bit, Baby Center noted that some moms swear having sex helped them induce labor naturally.