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9 Things 'Game Of Thrones' Readers & Watchers Are Wondering, Now That They're At The Same Point

For the first time in Game of Thrones history, book readers no longer have the advantage. In seasons past, readers have been able to guess (or at the very least have somewhat of an idea) what's going to happen. Even when the show veered from the book's original story lines, the semblance of the stories stayed the same. But now, the books and the series are in the same place. This means there are an unbelievable amount of things Game of Thrones readers and watchers are wondering.

Fans now know that the show will spoil the ending of George R.R. Martin's books, which puts both readers and show watchers in a precarious position. If you watched the show but didn't read the books, you could get away with not spoiling the show. After all, some things were different, but mostly, books don't get the same amount of spoiler coverage as television shows do. If you read the books but don't watch the show, or if you read the books and watch the show, you may be out of luck... unless you can successfully live under a rock until Martin finishes the books.

Regardless of whether you're a watcher, a reader, or both, we've all got questions. Starting with Jon...


Is Jon Snow Really Dead?

When we last saw Jon, he was bleeding out on the ground after being stabbed by the Night's Watch for conspiring with the Wildlings. Olly, Jon's protege, is the one who delivers the blow. Since last season's finale, gossip's been spreading like wildfire. Is he dead? Will he become a White Walker? Will Melisandre resurrect him? Does Jon Snow know anything?


Is Arya Really Blind?

Arya had killed Ser Meryn Trant (by gouging his eyes out, eesh) when we saw her last, and this did not please Jaqen H’ghar. He claims she wasn't ready to kill, and thanks to the Many-Faced-God, she goes blind as her punishment. Is it real? Or is it just another moment of illusion? Only time will tell.


Is Sansa Going To Escape?

After all of the abuse from her sociopathic husband Ramsey, Sansa attempts to cry out for help by lighting that candle in her window. But when Brienne doesn't see it, Sansa takes matters into her own hands and jumps from the top of Winterfell in an attempt to escape. Where she lands? We're dying to find out.


Will We See Bran?

Considering Bran was just flat out missing from the entire last season, we can only assume that big things are in store for him this season. Last seen with the Three-Eyed-Raven, will Bran regain his ability to walk? Will he see his siblings again? (Remember when he was so close to Jon you could cry?) Will he gain control of his ability?


Will Danaerys Survive?

Rescued by her dragon after the Sons of Harpy attempt to kill her in the arena during the slave fights, the two fly off into the sunset... and land. They're quickly surrounded by Dothraki riders. Is this a good thing? Is this a terrible thing? Is Dany screwed? Or is she in luck?


Will Cersei Get Revenge?

After having to walk the streets naked, where people threw feces, spat on her, and shouted shame, we can only assume Cersei is plotting some major revenge for Season 6.


Is Stannis Dead?

After letting his own daughter be burned alive, you can only expect this guy to last so long, right? His wife kills herself, half of his army deserts him, and then Brienne shows up. Seeking revenge for the death of her former King, Renly, she swings her sword at Stannis. Will they engage in an epic battle? Will Stannis g


How's Tyrion Doing?

After getting the eff out of King's Landing (with the help of Lord Varys), and getting kidnapped by Ser Jorah, Tyrion lands at Danaerys' feet. After he proves his worth, he's basically left on his own, with Dany flying off with her dragon, and Ser Jorah and Daario leaving to find her. Will Tyrion step up to govern the city in the aftermath of the Sons of Harpy attacks? Will he drink himself into a stupor?



Hodor. 'Nuff said.