9 Things New Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

The first few months of motherhood are a blur. Between healing from delivery, and figuring out how to hold, feed, and take care of a tiny human, it can be overwhelming to say the least. With Mother's Day right around the corner, you're probably racking your brain thinking of things new moms really want for Mother's Day, instead of the tried-and-true (and kind of boring) standard gift ideas. It's a pretty safe assumption that the new mom in your life doesn't want another Hallmark card, or another bouquet of flowers, or a combination of both. No, she probably wants something that shows you acknowledge and appreciate her new role.

As a new(ish) mom myself, I can testify to the impact of a thoughtful, selfless gift tailored perfectly to the needs of a tired mom. Motherhood is an exhausting role to adjust to, and even though her baby is still tiny, a mom's first Mother's Day is one she will always remember.

So instead of opting for a card and flowers (or some other over-used token of appreciation), why not give the new mom in your life something that will bring a sense of normalcy, rest, or luxury back into her life?


A Massage

Being a new mom is exhausting. Get her a gift that will really help her relax and work out those aches and pains, especially the ones she's still feeling post-labor.


Alone Time

New moms would kill for a few hours all to themselves. Let her leave the newborn haze for an afternoon with an all expenses paid shopping trip or brunch date. It's simple yet oh-so-effective.


Gift Cards

No one knows what she needs better than the new mom herself, so save her a trip to the returns section and pick her up a gift card to her favorite store instead.


Something "Pre-Pregnancy"

Sometimes all a new mom needs is something that makes her feel like her "old self" again. Did she have a favorite style of dress that she hasn't worn since getting pregnant? Buy her a new one to make her feel like her old self again.


Extra Sleep

I can say with almost 97 percent certainty that any new mom would take a few hours of uninterrupted sleep over a bouquet of flowers any day. I know I would.


Food That She Didn't Prepare Or Buy Herself

After nine months of pregnancy, labor, and recovery, I can promise you that one of her favorite things right now is food. Whether it means you cook her a meal at home or take her out, chances are she'll appreciate someone else doing the planning (and dishes) for once.


A Love Letter

It may sound cheesy, but sometimes all a new mom needs is something that reminds her of how awesome she is. Whether you're her partner, friend, or relative, your encouragement will mean the world to her.


A Clean House

Cleaning usually falls to the wayside with a new baby in the house, do her a favor and do the dirty work for her.


A Handmade Card

Instead of signing your name to a card you picked out at a supermarket, try your hand at making her something a little more thoughtful. Or better yet, have the baby stamp his or her footprint on the card. Moms love mushy stuff like that.


A Hot Bath Or Spa Day

Nothing eases a sore body like a hot bath or day at the spa, at home or otherwise. It's simple, inexpensive, and so relaxing. If you want to do a little more for her, send her to the spa for a facial or manicure too.



Or better yet, a well-timed, post-feeding, glass of wine and any of the aforementioned gifts.