9 Things To Apologize To Your Father For On…

Father's Day is right around the corner, and as you begin your search for the perfect gift for your dad, keep in mind that sometimes the best presents aren't things at all. When it comes to the man who raised you, changed your diapers, fixed all of the toys you broke, and taught you how to drive, sometimes a good old fashioned chat is all he really wants. And luckily, if you're not a great conversationalist, there are probably plenty of things to apologize to your father for on Father's Day that you didn't even know you needed to.

And before you think that I'm advocating for a depressing Father's Day, take a second to read through this piece. These apologies are really more of heartfelt ways of saying "I'm sorry that you had to deal with my toddler, childhood, teenage, and adult antics."

If you're a parent now, it sheds a whole new light on what your mom and dad went through when they raised you, so simply acknowledging how much of a trial that must have been might just be the present your dad has been hoping for since the beginning. But a nice card and a new set of golf clubs probably wouldn't hurt either.


Putting Him Through The Toddler Version Of Yourself

No matter how much of a well-adjusted adult you turned out to be, there are a select few people who knew you back in your less refined days. Namely, your father. As a parent myself, I know the weight of this apology won't be taken lightly.


Calling Him Embarrassing

Back in the days when you were always right and your dad was trying to keep you from having fun, there were probably a few times you told him he was embarrassing. He deserves this apology.


Raiding His Liquor Cabinet And Filling The Bottles With Water

He knew.


Calling When You Need Money

He probably knows that you love him for more than the his money, which got you out of a few bill jams. But you should probably tell him just for good measure.


Turning His Walls Into Your Crayon Canvas

Because even if you can't remember it, it happened.


Going On Dates With Guys He Didn't Approve Of

There's bound to be at least one or two.


Getting Angry When He Didn't Understand Instant Message Lingo

Because your MySpace page wasn't as cool as you thought it was.


Quitting That Sport He Dreamed You Would Grow Up Playing

Despite the fact that my parents bought me brand new gear and that I swore I'd be committed to it, my relationship with soccer only lasted as long as a car ride to and from the first practice. Sorry Dad.


Not Saying "I Love You" Enough

For all times past, present, and future. You can never say it too much, especially on Father's Day.