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Easy Ways To Avoid Morning Sickness When Pregnant

Sure, the queasy pregnant lady has been a standard in movies and TV shows for years, and plenty of jokes are made about the prevalence of morning sickness. But when it happens to you, the constant nausea is no laughing matter. It's helpful to know what things to do when you learn you're pregnant to make morning sickness easier to handle, because the suffering is real.

By this point, you've probably had a fair share of people tell you to nibble crackers throughout the day. And you might be tempted to tell them to take their box of saltines on a long walk off a short pier (or something to that effect). That said, there is some truth to the idea of embracing bland foods for the duration of your morning sickness. But that isn't the only advice. Going for cold foods, embracing a form of aromatherapy, and even simply snacking more often can help as well.

With that in mind, it's important to remember that most cases of morning sickness are different. The spicy chili that made your friend queasy might have no effect on you, but you might develop a newfound aversion to dairy. Basically, dealing with morning sickness is yet another highly individualized aspect of pregnancy. Hopefully, some of these tips can help out in your situation.


Avoid Nausea Triggers

If that chicken paprikash dish now sends you scrambling for the toilet, then you probably want to ban it from your sight for the time being. According to What To Expect, avoiding any sights and smells that bring on nausea is one way to help tame morning sickness. Unfortunately, you won't know what causes sickness ahead of time, so you'll have to learn these provokers of nausea the hard way.


Eat As Soon As You Wake Up

This is probably the most fun piece of advice. According to the website for Dr. Sears, eating as soon as you wake up, even before you get out of bed, is one way to lessen the chances of morning sickness. Hey, you won't get kicked out of bed for eating crackers.


Graze All Day

This is another positive bit of advice. As noted by the American Pregnancy Association (APA), eating a few small meals throughout the day may help keep your stomach settled. It also prevents you from getting too hungry.


Smell Something Fresh

Sometimes a little aromatherapy may be just what you need. Sniffing a pleasant scent, such as lemon or rosemary, may help undo the nausea that's caused by unpleasant smells, as noted by Parents. A little rollerball of the essential oil extract may be your secret weapon against queasiness. If nothing else, it will give you something to focus on besides your sickness.


Treat Gingerly

Sometimes the old-school remedies work best. A cup of ginger tea is a time-tested nausea remedy, as noted by Baby Center. You can even grate a bit of the fresh root to make it yourself. It's a soothing, slightly spicy delight.


Eat Chill

Sometimes the smell from hot foods can be overpowering. In these instances, eating cold foods is a good way to fight nausea, as noted by Fit Pregnancy. Whether you go for a fresh salad for a bowl of lemon sorbet is up to you.


Practice Self-Care

Constant nausea can wreck havoc on the quality of your life overall. With this in mind, practicing self-care is crucial. Making time to get enough sleep, take breaks during the day, and practice yoga or meditation can do wonders.


Embrace Blandness

Perhaps now is not the time to try any super greasy or spicy dishes. On the other hand, bland foods such as breads or rice might help you deal with morning sickness, according to WebMD. You might discover a newfound love for plain crackers after all.


Consider Medication

If your morning sickness is especially bad, then don't hesitate to see a doctor for help. In some instances, medical treatment is needed to combat morning sickness, as noted in Fit Pregnancy. Whatever the case, hopefully you and your growing baby will both feel better soon.