9 Things You Can Learn From Your Pregnancy Farts — No, Seriously


Pregnancy comes with all sorts of embarrassing side effects. You sweat more, you suffer serious breakouts, and, worst of all, you let out loud, smelly farts that could clear a room. Gas and flatulence are pretty common in pregnancy and, as it turns out, can provide you with some important information. There are some things your pregnancy farts are trying to tell you, and acting on those messages could actually get you some relief.

You might be the sort of person who realizes that farting is both natural and unavoidable, and you let it all out with no shame (and if so, I applaud you). But many women find the thought of accidentally letting out a fart where someone else can hear it (or heaven forbid, catch a whiff of it) beyond mortifying, even if they do have the perfectly acceptable excuse of being way too pregnant to stop it. If you fall into that latter category, you might me surprised to learn about all the things that can be making your gassiness worse, and all the simple remedies that can make it go away.

Here are nine things it could mean when you just can't stop farting in pregnancy.

1. You Might Need To Change Your Diet


Getting your fill of veggies is key during pregnancy, but some of those healthy food choices can make you super gassy according to PregMed. Foods like beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are among the culprits. Try to cut back on these foods, or eliminate the all together.

2. You Might Need More Exercise


If you're feeling gassy and farting up a storm, you might want to make sure you're getting enough exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise in pregnancy can stimulate digestion and give you some relief.

3. You Might Need To Change Your Beverage Choices


What you drink can matter just as much as what you eat when it comes to gassiness during pregnancy according to Belly Belly. You'll want to avoid carbonated drinks, and avoid drinking out of a straw, as it draws more air into your mouth.

4. You Might Need To Eat Smaller Meals


If you're sitting down to big meals to stave off your pregnancy hunger, you could be making your gas worse. According to Babble, eating several smaller meals a day can be easier on digestion.

5. You Might Be Eating Too Fast


When a pregnancy craving strikes it can make it hard to resist chowing down on your meal in record time. But eating too quickly can make you gassy according to the American Pregnancy Association. Instead, try to chew slowly and thoroughly to make your gut settle down.

6. You Might Need To Cut Down On Artificial Sweeteners


If you're swapping out real sugar for artificial sweeteners during pregnancy, you might unknowingly be making yourself gassy according to Pregnancy. Whether you're adding them to your morning coffee or chugging them in your favorite diet soda, they can lead you to fart up a storm.

7. You Might Want To Try Yoga


A surprising way to fight your pregnancy flatulence? Heading to a prenatal yoga class, according to The Bump. The deep breathing and stretching you do in a class can aid your digestion.

8. It Might Be Time To Start Rocking Maternity Pants


If you're still trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, it could be making you pass gas because it's constricting your belly. Switching to bump-friendly maternity clothing can make you more comfy and less gassy, according to Baby Center.

9. You Might Be Getting Too Much Dairy


If dairy and cheese are among your guilty pleasures during pregnancy, don't be surprised if they leave you farting all night long. Dairy can make you gassy, according to Healthline, so you might need to lay off it.