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9 Signs Of A Totally OK Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a joyful time for moms-to-be, full of excitement and anticipation. But it's also often fraught with fear and anxiety over an endless series of what ifs. Many women can't help but dread that something will go wrong with their pregnancy. The worry is often the worst in the early weeks, especially when you're still in disbelief that you're having a baby at all. If you're looking for reassurance though, there are actually quite a few things you didn't realize are signs of a totally OK pregnancy that can put your mind at ease.

My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, which is sadly way too common. That of course made me a million times more paranoid about my second pregnancy. The wait for that first doctor visit when I'd hear my daughter's heartbeat was pure agony. I was desperate for any sign that things would be alright this time, and thankfully, paying attention to my body did actually calm my nerves a bit. My first pregnancy was so brief that I'd never made it to the point of feeling nausea. When it finally hit me, I was actually bizarrely thankful.

Of course, every pregnancy is different. You might feel all of these, or you might feel of none of these. Whatever the case may be, try your best to not to stress unnecessarily (easier said than done, I know). With that being said, here are nine things to watch out for that could give you some peace of mind about your pregnancy.


Your Boobs Hurt

Pregnancy is likely to have a big impact on your breasts, and that starts early on. The American Pregnancy Association noted that about 17 percent of women said their first symptom of pregnancy was breast changes.


You Feel Nauseous

Nausea is a telltale sign of a healthy pregnancy for many moms, according to Baby Center. It's thought to be caused by human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone that rises steadily in the beginning of your pregnancy.


Your Clothes Are Feeling Tighter

You don't necessarily have to gain weight to start feeling the effects of your pregnancy. Babble noted that your uterus is the size of a football by eight weeks, which means unbuttoning your parents will feel incredible.


You Have More Discharge Than Normal

It's not fun to deal with, but Parents noted that an increase in discharge is a great sign. It's an indiction that your hormones are headed in the right direction.


You Have To Pee More Often

You may not think having to pee all the time begins until much later in pregnancy, when your baby is big enough to start putting pressure on your bladder. But it can actually start right off the bat thanks to rising hormone levels of a healthy pregnancy, according to The Bump.


You're Tired

Feeling super sleepy is another sign that your pregnancy hormones are rising, according to Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to nap as much as you want, and I recommend you take full advantage of it.


You're Bloated

I'll never forget Googling "balloons in my stomach" when I was about five weeks pregnant, because I could think of no other way to describe the unpleasant sensation I was feeling. Turns out it was bloating, and Health Line noted that bloating is pretty common around week five.


You're Stuffed Up

You may not think your stuffy or runny nose has anything to do with your pregnancy, but it might. The Mayo Clinic reported that nasal congestion can be due to increasing hormones as your pregnancy progresses.


Your Symptoms Go Away

When my nausea and bloating started to ease up, I freaked out thinking that something was wrong. Don't make my mistake. What to Expect noted that as you begin the second trimester, it's normal for your nausea to disappear.