9 Things To Do Today To Ensure A Healthy Child

Keeping your child healthy and preparing their immune system for years of germ fighting doesn't mean you have to keep your baby locked inside a sterilized room until their old enough to spell "hand sanitizer." In fact, you don't need to overthink the subject of your child's health too much, because it's possible you're already helping them more than you think. There are a number of things you do everyday that'll make your baby healthier later in life.

Obviously, there's no fool-proof way to beat the germ game completely. And when it comes to kids and germs the two seem to be drawn together like a magnet and steel. So how do you prepare you child's body to put up a good fight when under attack? One of the best ways to encourage a strong immune system in babies is to focus on nutrition. What goes into you little one's body now, will make a difference in their health over the years to come. Also, proper hygiene will never steer you in the wrong direction. Keeping that tiny body clean and well rested helps your baby to feel her best. Overall, these seven everyday habits will boosts your baby's immunity now and in the future.


Take Your Vitamins

Long before there's a bun in your oven, the way you take care of your body can influence your future child's health. Sexually active women should load up on folic acid, which protects your baby from against neural tube defects, according to Mind Body Green. It's never too soon to start setting your little one up for a healthy future.



Breastmilk is a woman-made superfood, and the more babies can guzzle, the better their health in the long haul. According to Baby Center, studies have shown that stomach viruses, lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections, and meningitis occur less often in breastfed babies. And if they do happen, they are less severe.


Serve The Right Foods

Once your little one starts on solids, focusing on quality goes a long way. As Parenting magazine pointed out, if you're going to feed your baby jarred/canned food, choosing brands that are BPA-free are best for baby.


Wash Those Hands

Washing your hands and teaching your little one how to wash theirs (or doing it for them until their old enough) helps keep germs at a minimum. As the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained, washing your hands is the most effective way to stop the spread of illnesses and infections.


Offer Fruits & Veggies

Eating fruits and vegetables fuels the body with vitamins and nutrients that are crucial to immunity, according to Parents magazine. Serve your baby plenty of these nutritious foods to prepare their body to fight off colds, germs, and infections.


Skip The Sugar

Everyone loves a sweet treat now and then, but too much sugar can reek havoc on the immune system. Limiting sugar intake will boost baby's immunity as well as promote good health overall, according to the website for Dr. William Sears.


Steer Clear Of Sick People

Everyone wants to hold and love on your baby, but if Aunt Margaret has a cold, it's OK to ask her to keep her distance. As Babble pointed out, staying away from sick people is an effective way to keep your baby healthy and protect their still developing immune response.


Use Probiotics

As soon as your baby is old enough to take probiotics, start giving them to her daily. A study in the journal Paediatrics found babies who had gastroenteritis recovered more quickly if given probiotics. However, taking them every day is a good preventative measure.


Promote Good Sleep Habits

Getting plenty of shut eye to prevent illness isn't just as old wives tale, it's solid medical advice. According to Parents, sleep deprivation makes your more susceptible to catching a cold, so logging enough hours snoozing helps your body fight off germs.