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9 Things You Got Away With In The '90s That You'd Never Let Your Kid Get Away With Now


Back in the '90s, life was so simple. One could do almost anything they wanted, without having any repercussions. From eating Dunkaroos as a morning snack to playing outside unattended until the streetlights came on, the '90s were a time of supreme bliss. Fast forward almost two decades since the end of that incredible era and while there are things that are still appreciated from then, there are plenty of things that you got away with in the '90s that you'd never let your kid get away with today.

I often flashback to the things that my siblings and I did and I instantly consider the repercussions that could happen if done today. Although we weren't bad children, things have definitely changed in what children can be exposed to. I recall my mom letting my sister, me, and our cousin hang out at the mall or go to the movies by ourselves when I was only 10 years old. The worries were a less intense and our ability to follow my mother's rules was increased. Need a reminder of a few things that you did in the '90s that probably wouldn't fly today? Check out these nine things that'll help refresh your memory.

1Watching Inappropriate Music Videos


Back in the '90s and early 2000s, watching videos on MTV and BET Uncut were things that got no questions from our parents. Seeing Prince strut across the TV with the seat of his pants cut out wasn't as big of a deal as it is now to see a little skin on the tube.

2Wearing Your Clothes Backwards


A trend that I'm actually very happy faded away, '90s hip-hop group Kriss Kross made it cool to wear your clothes backwards when they first stepped on the scene. Sure, it may have seemed cool back then, but I couldn't imagine a parent letting their kid do this today.

3Tying Up The Phone Line To Be On The Internet


If your Internet and phone line were still connected, parents definitely wouldn't be letting this one fly these days. Can you imagine what life would be like if the dial-up internet was tied to your cell phone? Let's not.

4Watching "Grown-Up" Shows


Shows like Martin and Living Single were some of my favorites to watch in the '90s. When I watch them as an adult now though, I see how much I shouldn't have been watching as a kid. Thanks for giving me some of the best years of my life, mom.

5Not Returning A Call When Paged


Having a pager back in the day meant you were totally cool and if it buzzed while you were in school, that made you even cooler. Back then, you could get away with not returning your parents page because you could say you were in class or your battery died. Now though, cellphones are around and my mom obviously doesn't care about any part of my day when she calls.

6Eating Pop-Tarts For Breakfast


I'm sure Pop-Tarts were created as an easy breakfast alternative, but all of the sugar placed in those things had to have been bad for our little bodies. Balanced meals and proper diets are on the breakfast agenda these days.

7Changing Your Clothes Multiple Times In One Day


When I was a kid, changing into your "outside" clothes was a big deal. I remember going through two or three wardrobe changes a day and honestly, I loved it. Unless you're a baby, multiple wardrobe changes are not a thing these days.

8Participate In Chat Rooms


Before social media was used for connecting everyone, chat rooms were the go-to for fun. I remember having friends who would spend all of Friday night in the chat rooms looking for boys to talk to. Although meeting up rarely happened, letting your kids participate in chat rooms today will probably never be a thing.

9Say That You Were Lost


With all the new technology available on your phone to get your home in time for your curfew, there's no way telling your mom that you were lost will fly these days.