9 Things You Should Consider Naming Your Child After

When you find out you're pregnant, one of the first things people start asking you is if you have a name picked out. Naming a baby can feel like a big deal. After all, a name is the one thing that a person carries with them their whole life. And with so many choices, the task can feel overwhelming. I know for me, once I narrowed my options down to family names, the process became way more simple. If you're feeling stuck and need some inspiration, you should check out some things you should consider naming your child after.

Once you have some boundaries on names, making a choice becomes easier. Instead of trying to pour over list with hundreds of name choices, you can shrink the name pool down to a category or two. A good place to start is with things that interest you. If you enjoy hiking and camping, nature inspired names may feel like a good fit for your little one. Or maybe your love of music will be the impetus for your future child's eponym.

Choosing a name for your child doesn't have to be a daunting task. Make it fun with these 11 baby naming ideas that will point you in the direction of the perfect name.


Pop Culture

Fans of famous movie and television franchises don't have to look far for inspiration. Turn to characters, the actors behind them, or even creators of the series.


Historical Figures

If you want your child to aspire to greatness, looking at the men and women who made history is a good place to start.



Love a fresh bouquet of flowers on your bedside table? Choose from some lovely flower-inspired names, perfect for your tiny blossom of a girl or boy.



Having a December baby and feeling festive? Think names like Holly, Mary, Noelle, and Christian for your little one. Have a Valentine's Baby? Think of names that symbolize love and happiness.



If you have a feeling your little one has a scrappy spirit, or if you are just a huge fan of the UFC, draw from the bank of fighter names in that franchise. Royce, Gray, Kendall, Wander, and Rhonda are a few examples to choose from.


Jazz Music

A jazzy name may be the sign of a musician in the making. For this category, go to the greats and name your little one Ella, Billie, Calloway, or Basie.


Greek Mythology

For names with a rich history, you can't get more ancient than Greek Mythology. Artimis, Rhea, Daphne, and Hera are some Goddess names, while boys names include Pollux, Atlas, Troy, and Ulysses.



Those with a serious case of wanderlust can name their kid after cities from all over the globe. Take a page from the world atlas, and consider London, Phoenix, Kingston, and Austin.



Draw on your love of the runway when thinking of baby names.