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9 Things You Should Do To Avoid Frizzy Hair

The struggle is real. I'm talking frizz people, and it's not pretty. But no need to panic, there are several things you should do to avoid frizzy hair, and take it from me, because I've tried all of them. Although everyone wants volume, no one wants pouf. From treatments to products to hair care, there are plenty of tips to help you win the battle against frizz. But first, it's important to understand what causes it.

According to Allure, frizz happens when hair is dried out and the cuticles start absorbing the moisture in the air. So to fight frizz, you're going to have to treat the cuticle. There are several lifestyle tricks to taming your tresses. For example, you should never brush dry hair if you want to avoid frizz. Yup. If you do, you're disturbing the cuticle, and that's exactly what you want to repair.

To learn more about frizz-fighting tricks, I spoke with Lisa Carroll, a stylist for the New York City-based salon Ludlow Blunt. She tells Romper that frizz can also be a sign you need a trim. "If your ends are frayed or your hair is damaged from too many processes or color, you're better off visiting a salon and getting a cut," she says, adding that people should trim their locks every six weeks or so. But before you resort to scissors, here are nine other things to do to help get your mane smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.


Air Dry Your Hair 90 Percent Before Blow-Drying

New York-based stylist Mark Garrison told Cosmopolitan that adding heat directly to hair will dry it out. He recommended letting your hair dry 90 percent before picking up that blow dryer to keep hair frizz-free. When you do blow dry your hair, stylist Christine Healey told Marie Claire to "direct the air flow down the hair shaft." This way, you disturb the cuticle as little as possible.

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Use A Cotton Shirt To Dry Your Hair Instead Of A Towel

This is something I discovered from trial and error (OK, really from not doing my laundry and running out of towels). And, Healey confirmed to Marie Claire that you can use a silk pillowcase to fight frizz because silk "reduces friction." I'm no scientist, but I'd say it's the same idea here. Cotton is more gentle on the hair's cuticle than a towel (at least the kind in my linen closet).

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Try Water Based Products

Even fine hair can use a little taming, especially if the weather is damp and humid. Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion ($20) is a blend of herbs, vitamins, and tea tree oil (don't worry, it's not greasy) that gives you just the right amount of sleekness. According to Allure, creams are perfect for fine hair that suffers from fizz, so long as you apply before you blow dry.

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Try Serum-Based Products

According to Allure, Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream Straight Making is an ideal product for thicker hair because of its silicone-like consistency. You'll still want to apply the product only to the ends of damp hair, as too much product will weigh down your hair.

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Avoid Products With Glycerin

This tip is especially important for women of color. The beauty blog Black Girl, Long Hair suggested avoiding products with glycerin, because it attracts moisture. Remember, water is what causes the pouf effect.


Use A Diffuser

Teri LaFlesh, author of Curly Like Me told WebMD that heat can scorch curly hair and make it puff out. She said to limit heat sources to a blow dryer with a diffuser. Diffusers are perfect tools to help create a natural wave.

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Use A Wide Tooth Comb Or Your Fingers

Carroll suggests using a wide tooth comb if you must attend to dry hair. But when it's wet, your figers are the best tool. "Natural oils accumulate in the scalp, so it's good to spread them throughout the hair," she says. Seriously, that's the easiest DIY beauty trick I know.

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Keep Your Ponytail Loose

Ponytails can cause hair to break, and where there's breakage, frizz will follow. Healey told Marie Claire that if you must pony-up, be sure to keep your ponytail loose, use a gentle hair elastic like Pura Vida Bracelets ($10 - $12 for five), and never sleep with hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

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If All Else Fails, Get A Keratin Treatment

Dana Reichman, Founder of Lifebooker, an online beauty booking service, tells Romper that Kertain treatments are the best ways to avoid frizz. “

There are many different formulas today that range from smoothing treatments, which tend to be more gentle and preserve your waves, to stronger formulas that can straighten even the kinkiest of curls. It’s best to check with your stylist to find the perfect treatment for your hair texture and look you’re trying to achieve.

With the right tools, products, treatments, and hair hacks your tresses will be sleek and on fleek. Whatever the weather.