9 Things You Shouldn't Do To Blonde Hair

Blonde is probably one of the most iconic hair colors out there. It’s associated with youth, vibrance, Marilyn Monroe, and of course having more fun. And some people absolutely adore having blonde hair (regardless of the color they were born with). But all of those upsides come with a price: blonde hair requires specialized care, especially if it’s dyed or highlighted. And there are some things you just shouldn’t do to blonde hair if you want to keep it looking bright and sunny.

Basically, blonde hair requires a fair amount of TLC. Everything from the type of shampoo you use to the how often you blow-dry your hair can have an affect on your locks. Even minor things, such as shampooing every day or towel-drying your hair, can actually cause damage to it. And we’ve all seen at least one blonde whose hair turned green from a chlorinated swimming pool.

There’s no getting around it: this color is a bit high maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining the type of care it needs is not particularly difficult (although you may wish to invest in microfiber towels and some UV protective spray). But it’s a small price to pay if rocking blonde locks fits your style.


Over Shampoo

Although a daily deep cleanse might feel nice at first, too much sudsing can actually be a bad thing for dyed hair. "Don't overshampoo," stylist Mark Townsend said in Harpar's Bazaar. "It can strip your hair of natural oils and leave it dry." Instead try to shampoo just two or three times per week, and use dry shampoo in between to keep your scalp feeling fresh.


Dye Too Often

When it comes to lightening hair dye, there can definitely be too much of a good thing. "Don't worry about getting it redone every other week," Cosmopolitan noted. "If you go for sunkissed ends there's no rush but even if platinum is what you're after, it looks better with a bit of regrowth anyway." You can ask your hairdresser to opt for a natural shade of blonde that won't produce highly visible roots.


Roughly Towel Drying Roughly

Sure, you may be in a rush to get your hair dry, but dyed hair can use a little extra TLC, especially when it's wet. "Towels can create a harsh friction against the hair cuticle that scrubs off leave-in conditioners and damages strands," executive fashion and beauty editor Dana Oliver said in the Huffington Post. "An old T-shirt made out of microfiber is smoother and ideal for drying hair." A little care will keep your blonde hair looking fresh.


Use The Wrong Shampoo

Harsh shampoos may not be in your hair's best interest. "When it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner, look to formulas designed specifically for maintaining and protecting your color," Lauren Valenti said in Marie Claire. Blonde-specific shampoos can keep your color from becoming brassy.


Skip Trims

It's a good idea to see your stylist every other month or so. "People who are highlighting their hair should get it trimmed every six to eight weeks," colorist Meri Kate O'Connor told Good Housekeeping. "Blonde — natural and dyed — hair tends to be finer, so if they're not trimming properly and they have split ends, that split will travel all the way up to the root." Regular trims can actually help your hair stay healthier.


Use Tapwater For Washing

This may sound pretty high-maintenance, but some people swear by using filtered water when shampooing to keep dyed hair looking great. "Hard water in our showers penetrates porous, colored hair,” colorist Denis De Souza said on Refinery 29. “And over time, it grabs [the minerals and metals], changing the color of the hair.” Investing in a shower filter could help preserve your color.


Heat Style Too Much

Embracing your natural texture may be the best bet when your hair is dyed blonde. "Daily heat styling is one of the most damaging processes for your hair and should be kept for special occasions only," Rosy Cherrington said in the Huffington Post. At the very least, using some heat protectant products could keep your hot tools from causing too much damage.


Get In A Pool With Dry Hair

Don't want your blonde hair to turn green? "If you jump into the pool with dry hair, it's going to suck up the chlorine-and-copper water as fast as possible," colorist Dana Ionato told Allure. Shampooing as soon as you're done swimming is also a great call.


Forgo Sunblock

The sun can seriously damage your strands. Follow Stylecaster's advice and use a UV protective spray to keep the sub from changing your hair's hue and drying out the strans. If you don't have any spray, then a hat works too.