Weird AF Stuff Your First Trimester Body Will Do

The first trimester of pregnancy is obviously an incredibly exciting time. Whether you struggled for years or got a positive test on the first try, finding out you've got a baby on the way is like winning the lotto. Unfortunately, the joy and anticipation are often accompanied by a long list of uncomfortable and sometimes bizarre side effects of pregnancy. There are so many things your first trimester body will do that may freak you out, but they're usually perfectly normal and surprisingly common.

Puking your guts out or being horribly constipated are not fun things to deal with it, but knowing that your discomfort means your body is doing what it needs to do for your developing baby makes it a little easier. And thankfully, many of the most unpleasant symptoms (like morning sickness and bowel issues) often subside in the second trimester. Until then, I suggest distracting yourself by doing things like designing the perfect nursery on Pinterest, researching all those essential baby items you'll need on hand to welcome your little one home, or even just sleeping it off (because yeah... sleep will be in short supply before you know it).

Here are nine things to expect in your first few months of pregnancy that are no reason to panic.


You'll Break Out In Blemishes

The signs that you're expecting may be written all over your face: tons of moms deal with acne when they're pregnant according to The Bump. You may want to run your skin care routine by your doctor, because some acne fighting products contain chemicals that are a no-no when you're pregnant.


You'll Have A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

One of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms I dealt with was an awful taste in my mouth that no amount of water, hard candy, or brushing my teeth could banish. According to What To Expect, experiencing a metallic taste in the first trimester is called dysgeusia and pregnancy hormones are to blame.


You'll Feel Like Your Period Is Coming

Anyone who's tried to get pregnant probably knows how frustratingly similar pregnancy symptoms are to the signs that your period is coming. According to Healthline, sore boobs and cramps could be PMS signs — or could be your first clue that you've got a bun in the oven.


Your Morning Sickness Could Strike At Any Time

Just because it's called morning sickness doesn't mean it'll confine itself to the morning hours. Parenting noted that it's not unheard of for some pregnant ladies to feel nauseous all day long. My own personal brand of morning sickness shows up as a queasiness that strikes right after I eat anything.


You Might Bleed

Spotting or bleeding during the first trimester can send pregnant women into a panic. The American Academy of Family Physicians noted that about a quarter of women experience bleeding in the first trimester. It's worth checking in with your doctor about, but many women (myself included) who deal with bleeding go on to have a perfectly normal pregnancy.


You'll Need Pantyliners

Thanks to rising hormone levels, you might notice that you have tons of vaginal discharge in the first trimester according to Parents. You may want to keep a stash of pantyliners in your purse or your desk at work to keep yourself as dry and comfortable as possible.


You'll Pee A Ton

I used to be under the impression that having to pee all the time in pregnancy didn't start until you had a giant baby pressing on your bladder all day long, but that's so not the case. Frequent urination is actually one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy according to Baby Center, and many women will deal with it from around six weeks on.


You'll Have Poop Problems

Pregnancy hormones can have an unpleasant impact on your bowels. The Bump noted that moms-to-be often deal with loose stools, diarrhea, and/or constipation. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods may make your trips to the bathroom a little easier to deal with.


Foods You Love Might Gross You Out

Are you a meat eater who suddenly can't stand the taste (or even thought) of a burger or steak now that you're pregnant? You're not alone. According to What To Expect, food aversions in the first trimester are pretty common. Thankfully, most women will get back to normal in the second trimester.