9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Make You Feel Sexy

There are plenty of ways you can feel sexy all by yourself. But if you're in a relationship, it's nice to feel appreciated by your SO every so often. To this end, there are many things your partner can do to make you feel sexy. Because even the hottest tamale out there likes to know she's desired.

Whether you're in a new relationship or have been together forever, it's always nice to have a partner who can make you feel sexy. Especially on the days when you feel the most harried and stressed, it's reassuring to know you're still the bomb as far as your SO is concerned.

And if you're concerned that keeping the spark alive will require a ton of effort, don't worry. It can be as simple as giving a sincere complement or helping a partner tackle some items from the to-do list. Because when you free up some time from a partner's schedule, you can use those minutes for more fun adult activities.

Tailor these tips to your own relationship. Maybe a homemade dinner and candles would do the trick, or perhaps a shared workout to get those endorphins going. Trying out most of these ideas can't hurt, really, and you'll probably have lots of sexy fun in the process.


Clear Away The Toys

If you and your SO have kids, chances are it's difficult to feel particularly romantic when you're being watched by a gaggle of Dora dolls. According to Redbook, it's a good idea to create a space in your home that is totally free from kid-related things: no diaper bags or toy cars allowed. Your bedroom is a natural choice for this grown-folks-only zone.


Give The Gift Of Lingerie

Sure, it sounds cliche, but lingerie is a classic for a reason. As explained in Women's Health, using lingerie can help you get into seductress mode more than everyday undies. After all, playing dress-up is fun.


Tackle The To-Do List

Can cleaning up put you and your SO in the mood for getting dirty? Possibly. "Research has shown that, unlike men, in order for women to relax into arousal and experience orgasm, the parts of their brain that associate with outside stressors must deactivate during sex," Ian Kerner, sex therapist, told Woman's Day. If you and your SO can work together to tackle those outside stressors, whether it's paying your taxes or getting the oil changed, then you both might be in the mood later on.


Cook Up Something Tasty

Some foods really might have libido-boosting properties. According to Health, tasty ingredients such as avocados, with their mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, may help put you and your SO in the right mindset for bedroom time. Even a kitchen novice can whip up something romantic and delicious: chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?


Hang Out Sans Clothes

OK, so this tip depends on your particular living situation. But if the SO and you have the chance, hang out with no clothes as often as possible, as suggested in Cosmopolitan. It'll help you both feel more confident with your bodies.


Workout With You

Whether you're into yoga, dance, or distance running, it pays to get sweaty together. As explained in Psychology Today, couples who work out together may have increased happiness and a stronger bond. And those endorphins can carry over to the bedroom, too.


Compliment You

Sometimes using your words can be the sexiest thing of all. According to Your Tango, complementing your partner's sense of humor or intellect is one way to keep the fires stoked. Of course, the occasional "You're hot!" is good, too.


Flirt With You

Even if you've been together for years, a little flirting is always fun. And it doesn't have to be difficult; as explained in The Guardian, acting silly with your partner is an easy way to flirt. Just throw in a few compliments while you're at it and you're good to go.


Light Some Candles

Setting the mood doesn't have to involve a romantic weekend getaway (although that never hurts, either). Take a tip from Glamour and use candles to create a romantic mood. Candlelight is associated with sexytimes, and the soft light is especially flattering.