9 Things You've Never Tried During Foreplay But Should

I'm willing to bet you have a tried and true formula for how to get yourself from Point A to Point Orgasm be it with a partner or with a battery operated toy. It's good to have a plan of attack, but it's also nice to switch things up every so often. By bringing a few things you've never tried during foreplay into the bedroom, you're guaranteeing yourself a bigger, better, nicer orgasm. If your partner's been writing foreplay off as a waste of time? It's time to change their frame of mind. Foreplay doesn't have to be all about the woman. Foreplay is for everyone. And without it, you're both likely to wind up frustrated.

I get it — it's really the sex you want. After all, sex is awesome. But mark my words, with the right amount of dedication and imagination foreplay can be just as good as sex, if not better. Introducing more foreplay can mean introducing yourself to new orgasmic heights. Take your time and make the effort to make foreplay just as important as the main event. Because once you get the hang of the magic that is foreplay, you'll never want to go back to life without it.


Try Out Bondage

Whether it's for you or your partner, using restraints to keep one party unable to participate is mentally (and physically) wild. Tie their hands and make them watch, or get tied up and use your words to guide your partner to give you what you want. The possibilities here are endless.


Get Yourself There First

Luckily, women don't have a refractory period like men do. That means you can get yourself to near orgasm before your partner is even in the bedroom.


Be Gentle

Foreplay can be as simple as a single finger trailing along your stomach. Try being soft and gentle for as long as possible, before diving into a steamy session.


Set A Timer

The countdown to being able to have sex will keep you and your partner anxious and conscious of just how much foreplay you're really using. You can even make the stakes higher, by saying whoever looks at the clock first is responsible for giving the other an orgasm.


Undress Each Other

You've wanted to rip someone's clothes off at one point or another, right? Take things slow, and remove one piece of clothing at a time from one another. You can appreciate the fine form of the body, and you'll appreciate it even more if you linger over it before getting naked.


Play Simon Says

Who doesn't love a good game of Simon Says? One of you takes control, and delegates exactly what you want to your partner.


Touch The Torso

Clinical sexologist Rachael Ross, told Cosmopolitan that your torso is an unexpected erogenous zone. From the bottom of your rib cage to your hips, there's a nerve that can connect directly to a woman's vagina and a guy's penis. , "When you touch this area, it reflexively causes the pelvic-floor muscles to contract in both men and women, which increases arousal," Ross explained. All of those pelvic contractions will help build you up to a major orgasm.


Keep Your Clothes On

I know what you're thinking, what? Keep my clothes on? Isn't the idea of foreplay to get my clothes off? Not necessarily. Touching each other through your clothes can be just as good. Not to mention the build up of all that touching is going to make you crazy when your skin actually meets his skin.


Don't Touch Each Other At All

And for my final trick, I'm going to blow your mind and recommend not touching each other at all. Sit across from one another, watch one another. Introduce dirty talk into the game, and allow touching yourselves, but not each other. Watching one another as you get ready to please each other? It'll drive you both wild.