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9 Times Jennifer Garner Was The Hilarious, Relatable Mom Friend We All Need

Have you ever rolled over in bed, checked the time, and then bolted up in a dazed frenzy, yelling, "EVERYONE UP NOW, GET DRESSED, GET YOUR SHOES ON, GO, GO, GO!" You then breathlessly show up to the bus stop with shirts on backwards, messy hair, morning breath, and empty bellies. But hey, by some miracle, no one was late to school. If this sounds familiar, it's probably because at some point it's happened to most parents. And you know who else it's happened to? The one and only Jennifer Garner, who's one of the most relatable moms around, celebrity status or not.

Although the multi-talented actress/chef/baker/"Most Beautiful Woman" extraordinaire doesn't often post on social media about her three kids — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, whom she shares with her ex, Ben Affleck — the 13 Going On 30 star so utterly nails many aspects of the motherhood experience that I secretly wish she were one of my mom BFFs. Never mind the fact that she's a super rich and successful celebrity whom I'll probably never meet in real life.

Still, despite the differences in our lives, I feel Jennifer Garner just gets me and, probably so many other moms. And if you needed further proof, here are nine times she did just that.

When She, Too, Stood Outside Selling Girl Scout Cookies

It's not so fun standing outside of stores next to a table filled with Girl Scout cookies. But hey, someone's gotta do it. And that someone includes Jennifer Garner.

"Why yes, kind sir, we do have Thin Mints," she captioned a February 2018 Instagram post of herself holding "GS cookies for sale!" sign. Solidarity, mama!

When She Was Totally Extra For Her Son's Birthday

When it comes to birthdays, Garner has no problem going big for her children. She also has zero issues embarrassing them with her over-the-top antics. And the How to Train Your Dragon cake and matching costume she made for her son's birthday most definitely elicited an eye roll.

"Well, guess what. It turns out 7 is the age my kid stops thinking it’s cool when I dress up for the party," Garner captioned the impressive shot of herself dressed as Astrid while holding a Toothless cake.

When Her Kid Called Her A "Fun-Killing Mom"

Yes, even Jennifer Garner's kids think she's zero fun. This is evident by a photo the mom of three recently shared with her Instagram followers.

"When I grow up, I want to be a fun-killing mom, just like you!" a piece of paper read. "Is this a nine year old burn? Or the ultimate compliment?" Garner captioned the post.

Hey, at least I'm not alone.

When She Shared Everything She Carries In From The Car

My kids leave coats, hats, trash, and all sorts of random junk in my minivan on the regular. And it drives me up the wall. Most days after parking in our garage, you'll see my kiddos bounding inside the house — eventually followed by me, struggling to carry a giant heap of their stuff.

Garner summed up this frustrating phenomenon, writing on Instagram, "Every single time I get out of the car. How? Why?" alongside a photo of herself carrying all the things.

When She Found Her Kid's Art In Her Planner

As it turns out, it's not only my kids who doodle/write on places they probably shouldn't. Because yep, Garner's kids do it, too.

"If you’re looking for me at the end of August— it appears I’m booked..." she captioned a photo of the word "fart" written in giant lettering across the pages for Aug. 22 and 23. LOL. Kids. Gotta love 'em.

When She Emptied Her Ridiculous Mom Purse

Similar to to their vehicles, moms' purses seem to be a receptacle for anything and everything. And I related so hard when Garner went through all of the random junk and knickknacks in her bag. This included way too many heart stickers to count, a half-dozen pens, a planner, a notebook, a geode, index cards, a "honey thing," and more. I'm right there with you, Jen.

When She Rocked A Robe & Wet Hair At School Bus Pick-up

Donned in her monogrammed robe, slippers, and with wet hair, Garner may not have looked glamorous when her daughter's school bus came to pick them her. But damnit, they made it on time.

"She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy," she captioned a photo of herself smiling while holding a coffee mom. I've never felt so understood.

When She Was Totally OK In Her Kid-Made Fort Timeout

Sometimes, moms just need to be able to ignore their kids and zone out on their phones for a few minutes. (Is that so much to ask?) That's probably why Garner didn't seem too upset when her kids built a fort around her.

"Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth," she captioned a video of herself happy as can be, sitting inside a circle of stacked bricks. She added the hashtags #builtinbykids, #dontsendhelp, and #imsohappyhere.

When She Asked Her Son To Help Her Label Spices

Garner found out the hard way that kids aren't particularly helpful — even when they volunteer to help out. She captioned an Instagram post with, "Mom: Will you please make labels for my spices? 7 year old boy: Yup," along with a face-palm emoji. These spice labels included such delights as, "meatbutt," "parspee," rosefart," and "sage the children." LOL. Thanks for the "help," Samuel.