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9 Tiny Tattoos Ideas For Those Who Don't Want to Be Inked Out

Tattoos are awesome for so many reasons. They can serve as reminders of significant moments in your life, or simply act as a permanent and pretty ornament on your skin. Tattoos can help you reclaim your body if you’ve spent your life hating it, or they can create beauty where you hold ugly memories. And while some people love to be covered head-to-toe in breathtaking artwork, others prefer smaller tattoos. Whether it’s because you want to signify something big or add a cute accent to your already-bitchin’ self, tiny tattoo ideas are a great option.

And while public opinion is shifting as more and more people get tattoos, heavily-tattooed people still face judgment or scrutiny. Maybe your mother has expressed concern about visible tattoos on your wedding day or you worry that you might not be able to get a job if you have too much ink. Small, strategically placed designs are a great way to circumvent those concerns and beat the system. You can still choose to adorn your skin but you can also choose when, where, and who to expose that ink to.

Here are nine options for placing tiny tattoos that you’ll always know are there, even if no one else does.


A Small, Linear Design On Your Rib Cage

Tattooing your rib cage is pretty painful (hello, needle-on-bone), but if you’re getting something small it’s totally tolerable. This tattoo will be one reserved for lovers — and possibly a day at the beach.


A Semi-Colon On Your Wrist Or Ankle

The Semi-Colon Project supports people living with mental illness. It represents a sentence the author could have ended up chose not to — in this case, that sentence is their life. The tattoo is usually tiny, and your ankle is a great place to get it if you want a constant reminder that you are a survivor.


Dainty Text On Your Clavicle

A line of text that follows the line of your collarbone can make for a beautiful tattoo. You can choose to expose it or not super easily. Find words that mean something to you and write them on your body. Words have power.


Defiance Inside Your Mouth

Want a tattoo that no one knows you have? What better place than the inside of your bottom lip? Pick something inappropriate or offensive and keep it just for yourself. It’s like your small way of saying, “eff you” to the establishment, even if they don’t know it.


Something Small And Delicate On The Back Of Your Neck

Tattoos on the back of your neck are great because they’re easy hide. Even if you have short hair, people don’t often notice the back of your neck. And if your hair is long, you can decide between wearing it up and wearing it down for more or less exposure.


A Finger Tattoo

Tattoos on your finger are super cute. They can be covered with rings if need be, or put between your fingers for a super subtle touch.


Hide Some Ink Behind Your Ear

Get a small tattoo behind your ear. And unless a magician is doing a trick, chances are no one really looks there.


Decorate Your Wrist With A Small Reminder

Have something you want to remember daily? Tattoo it on your wrist! Whether it’s to remember to be happy or just remember to breathe, a wrist tattoo is a great way to remind yourself.


Adorn The Back of Your Ankles

The back of your ankles is a totally unexpected place for a tattoo, which is why it’s so great. Depending on the season it will be exposed more or less, and it’s easy to cover if desired.