9 Tips For Eating Multiple Thanksgiving Dinners, Courtesy Of ‘Gilmore Girls’

It's the night before Thanksgiving, and the panic of having to attend and eat multiple Thanksgiving dinners is starting to set in. Saying no to a Thanksgiving invitation is unbelievably hard, especially when you're really looking forward to Aunt Margaret's sweet potato casserole, and your best friend's mom's bourbon-pecan pie. Don't even get me started on the deep fried turkey. There is only one duo who can guide you through this epic day of eating: the Gilmore Girls.

If there's one lesson I've learned from years of being a die hard Gilmore Girls fan, it's how important a well-balanced diet of pizza, coffee, and Pop-Tarts is. Who needs men when you have Chinese food, am I right? The piece-de-resistance in Gilmore Girls eating lore is, of course the Season 3 Thanksgiving special, "A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving." Together, Rory and Lorelai are expected at not one, not two, not three, but four Thanksgiving dinners. Eating four Thanksgiving dinners is a feat, even for well seasoned binge-eaters such as Rory and Lorelai.

Hopefully, your situation isn't quite as extreme as the Gilmores' was that fateful Thanksgiving. But just in case? Here are nine well practiced tips to get you through the day (without blowing out a seam in your pants).


Make A Plan

Not everyone can mystically pack in burgers, fries, and pizzas with no abandon the way a Gilmore can. The same goes for Turkey Day expectations. Plot your day accordingly, giving yourself time limits at each gathering and a food pyramid for each dinner. Making a plan ahead of time will keep you from eating six pounds of stuffing and falling asleep halfway through dinner number two.


Dress Appropriately

Is there anything worse than being overstuffed while wearing pants that are too tight? No there is not. To avoid any and all waistband indentations, peruse your closet for the least offensive and most comfortable pieces of clothing you own, while not giving into sweatpants. Unless they're like, nice sweatpants.


Go Easy On The Cocktails

Whatever you do, stay away from your family's version of the Founders Day Punch. Or any alcohol for that matter. A cocktail or two throughout the day is fine, but imbibing at multiple dinners will fill you up and put you to sleep instantly.


Stay Limber

Stretch, kids. Stretching is underrated, and can save you from pulling a muscle while going in for a third helping of those magical brussels sprouts with pancetta and truffle oil.


Nap In Between Dinners

To avoid the tryptophan induced perma-coma that Thanksgiving can so often induce, try and take a quick nap between each stop. Limit the snoozes to 15 minutes, or you might wake up at 3 a.m. wondering which way to Doose's Market.


Don't Overload On Carbs

Slow your carb roll, sister. Stock up on greens and veggies early in the day so you can get down to business with the pie at the end, instead of feeling like a sausage stuffed into casing.


Know Your Limits

There's nothing wrong with leaving some food on your plate. That's why they invented the Doggie Bag, after all.


Do Not Forget To Caffeinate

As any true Gilmore believer knows, coffee is essential to every moment of life. This holds true for multiple Thanksgivings. How else are you supposed to avoid the food coma?


Applaud Yourself

When all is said and done, give yourself a pat on the back. (If you can reach that far — it might be a struggle after so many meals.) You came, you saw, you conquered, you took home leftovers. Now get some rest, and prepare yourself for a day of leftover sandwiches tomorrow.

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