9 Easy Hacks To Hide Toys In Your House, Because Santa’s Still Far Away

Gathering holiday gifts for your child is a blast, especially if you plan to surprise the kid with something special. But keeping that new bicycle or gaming system a secret until the actual holiday can be something of a chore. Thankfully, the toy hiding spots your kids will never find are basically guaranteed to keep your holiday loot safe from snoopy kiddos. Even the most determined present sleuths won't figure out these hiding spots.

Because the present-hiding dilemma has been going on for who knows how long, parents have had plenty of time to perfect their hiding tactics. And really, some of these are brilliant ideas even hide the gifts in plain sight. Your kids could eat or sleep just inches away from those desired gifts without ever knowing.

Why do parents (and other gift-givers) go so far to protect the surprise aspect of these presents anyway? I couldn't find any concrete info about why surprise gifts are so much fun, but they definitely are. I mean, the look on a kid's face when he gets that much-desired toy on a holiday morning is priceless. So parents will go to some creative lengths to ensure that big surprise gift remains a surprise.


Trash Can In Garage

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OK, this is a super clever spot. "For years I hid Christmas presents in the garage. Bought a trashcan, put a bag in it, put presents in it, and put the lid on it. Kids never lifted the lid once in a month," said Joe Davis in Life Of Dad. Oscar the Grouch would be so proud.


High Cabinets

Many kitchens have at least a couple of cabinets that are just too high for kids (and some adults) to reach. Bust out the ladder and hide gifts among those chafing dishes you rarely use. Your kid will probably never be the wiser.


Top Of Your Closet

It's a tried and true hiding place, sure. But really, it's well out of reach of little hands. Plus, what's more boring than a parent's closet?


Locked Suitcase

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If you aren't traveling for the holidays, then this is a brilliant idea. Empty suitcases make great gift hiding spots, according to CubeSmart. And if your kid is extra sneaky, just slap a luggage lock on the outside. Unless your kid requested a lock picking kit for the holidays, this spot is pretty safe.


Under Their Beds

It's another "hiding in plain sight" location. Stash holiday presents under your kid's bed, as suggested in My Mommy Style. The kids will flip out when your reveal the location later on.


Someone Else's House

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Outsource your hiding places. Enlist the help of a neighbor and stash all of your gifts in their garage or guest room. Now your kid can search the house all day and never find that video game.


Kitchen Pots

This is another clever spot I've never considered. For smallish gifts, stash them away in your stock pot, as suggested in House Logic. Unless your kid has some serious interest in cooking from a young age, it will likely go undetected.


Mislabeled Storage Bins

Even once your kids are old enough to read, those hiding spots can remain hidden. For instance, stowing presents in mislabeled storage bins is a clever solution, as noted in My Mommy Style. You kid probably won't go rifling through a box labeled "College Binders" or "Tax Info 2010."


Car Trunk

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Keep your presents on the move. Stashing gifts in the trunk is a smart idea, and you can even hide them in reusable grocery bags for extra camouflage. Wherever you hide them, those presents will make a big impact once the holiday finally arrives.