9 Tricks To Keep Your Partner Into You

Sparking the interest of a stranger is rarely difficult. A quick smile and some friendly banter is usually all it takes. But when you're playing the long game at attraction, you may need a few more strategies. For more long-term relationships, knowing the tricks to keep your partner infatuated with you can help invigorate your connection.

OK, so maybe the word trick is a bit negative. These are really just ideas to keep the spark going in your relationship after that initial rush of attraction has faded. There's always something new and exciting for you and your partner to share, so your time together is still sparkling and flirtatious.

That said, it's perfectly normal for attraction to ebb and flow in the course of a relationship. It's reality for most couples, and not generally a cause for concern. Moreover, there's no need to put undue pressure on yourself to act like an intriguing minx at all times. You're a human who's susceptible to head colds, work stresses, and other off days, after all.

But when you do want to turn the heat up again, keep these tricks (er, ideas) up your sleeve. Some are sweet. Some are more saucy. But on the whole, these ideas can remind you and your SO of why you fell in love in the first place.


Get Adventurous

Want to get your heart rate up? According to the website for Cosmopolitan, doing something daring together, such as zip-lining or white water rafting, can make that adrenaline surge. Maybe skydiving will become your new couple's hobby.


Make Out

Revive your kissing life. As noted in the website for Self, making out more often can make sparks fly, especially if you don't go right to sex, can make sparks fly. The tease can become incredibly intimate.


Chill Together

Have a relaxing picnic in the park. Or lounge on the couch doing nothing. If you can routinely unplug from the whole world and enjoy one another's company, you'll remember why you fell in love. Sometimes you need to back away from the daily grind to appreciate your SO.


Write Flirty Notes

Don't forget the power of the written word, and do whatever is comfortable to you. Slipping a little love note into your partner's suitcase is sweet. And there's always the possibility of a steamy text thread if you want to take things in that direction.


Spend Time Apart

It may sound counterintuitive, but spending time apart can do wonders for your relationship. As noted by Psych Central, maintaining separate interests keeps your relationship fresh and healthy. Plus, it gives you time to really miss your SO.


Embrace Spontaneity

Routines are easy, especially when you've been together for a while. As noted in Love Panky, being spontaneous with your partner is always a good way to keep the attraction going. Maybe you want to plan a surprise date, or even go on a spur-of-the-moment road trip.


Touch Each Other

It's a simple but powerful way to feel connected. As noted in Your Tango, simply touching your partner through the day can help maintain your bond. Even holding hands while you walk can be soothing.


Do Your Thing

Make sure you continue to pursue your own passions while in a relationship. Whether that's salsa dancing or rock climbing, you do you. It's healthy for your own headspace, and there's something irresistibly attractive about a person who's engrossed in a favorite activity.


Have Fun

Hey, being in a serious relationship does not mean the end of all fun. As noted in Thought Catalogue, if you still goof on one another and share jokes on the regular, your partnership is probably in a good place. After all, the relationship should bring joy to both of your lives.