Luke Is Not The Most Popular On 'Married At First Sight'

Not every couple works out on Married at First Sight, but some of their journeys are rockier than others. Luke and Kate's marriage has been tense, uncomfortable, and even outright upsetting at times. And because of that, Luke has not endeared himself much to the viewing audience. These 9 tweets about Luke on MAFS show how the fans really feel about him.

The trouble started at the altar, when Luke seemed unsettled by the fact that he recognized Kate from a previous run-in. Later he revealed that he wasn't attracted to Kate, though she was definitely into him. Their first attempt at a kiss was a disaster, with Luke callously telling Kate that the experience made him feel "repulsed" and "dead inside." He subsequently accused her of drinking too much to cope with their relationship. The outlook isn't good for these two once it comes to Decision Day. MAFS airs Tuesdays on Lifetime, and there isn't much time left for this couple to figure it out.

It's not a huge surprise that fans have felt frustrated watching Luke and Kate together. And they've taken to Twitter to vent those frustrations, whether it comes in the form of advice to Kate or a very expressive gif.

One Word: Run

A repeated piece of advice on Twitter, exemplified by the above, was for Kate to cut her losses and get out of this situation. Luke hadn't made her happy from the moment they met, so maybe sticking together wasn't the best course of action.

Another Word: Rage

But some fans were advice-free. They just needed to vent about how annoyed they were by Luke, which is perfectly valid, dawg.

Get It All Out

And that irritation was a common feeling! One user in particular even created a Twitter account solely to have a place to express such emotions. That's dedication.

Serious Concerns

A few viewers had genuine concerns about Luke's behavior towards Kate. They felt that he was manipulating her, which was difficult to watch. I think I know the way this user will be voting come Decision Day.


Another fan pointed out that Luke's rejection of Kate didn't stop at their wedding, or even their honeymoon. He'd been pushing her away the entire time, so it was no wonder that she felt so shunned.

Strength In Numbers

One thing Twitter does so well is foster a sense of community among fans. Some people come together to praise a fictional character or celebrate an exciting twist. But then there are those who bond in saltitude: they want to complain about Luke, and they've found the community that will let them do it.

Sign Those Papers

Kate may or may not decide to split from Luke, but fans have certainly decided that they want no part in this marriage.

It's Time To Say Goodbye

Then there are those who can't wait for the finale — not just because they want to see how it all turns out, but also so they can say goodbye to some cast members they're not so keen on.

Footage Not Found

Finally, there is sheer disbelief: Luke's actions don't seem to back up his words, and fans are not above calling him out on that.

It seems clear that MAFS viewers won't be forming a Luke fanclub any time soon.