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That'll Be A Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte For The Mother Of Dragons

After the devastation of the Battle of Winterfell, the lords and ladies of Game of Thrones decided to celebrate their victory with a little party. It had everything a feast should have: good conversation, peer-pressure to drink out of a horn, romantic tension, and Starbucks. That's right, if you looked closely you could see the Mother Of Dragons enjoying something much more modern than mead. And after these 9 tweets about the coffee cup in a Game of Thrones scene, you'll never miss this anachronistic drink again.

The coffee cup appears while Jon is hanging with Sansa and Tormund, who is attempting to get Jon to chug ale until he pukes (you know, for fun). Daenerys, meanwhile, sits alone at the end of the table experiencing FOMO at her own event. And right there in front of her is a little Starbucks cup. What would Dany's order be? Pumpkin spice seems like the obvious choice, but maybe it's no longer on offer now that winter is here. A gingerbread latte, perhaps?

But the position of the cup does throw ownership into question. It sits between Dany and Jon's empty chair, which means it could belong to either of them. And Dany is clutching a tankard already, so it looks like the erstwhile King in the North might actually be the caffeine enthusiast. Twitter, what say you?

A Simple Misunderstanding

It turns out there aren't any Starbucks north of the Wall! The entire war could have been avoided if Jon had just handed over a grande mocha.

Whatever It Takes

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms. If Daenerys needs wine and coffee after losing her dearest supporter and half her army, then that's what she should have!

Maybe Light Another Candle?

Game of Thrones is famous for being both narratively and visually dark; the Battle of Winterfell in particular was criticized by fans for being too shadowy to see anything. So it tracks that it was too dim for anyone to catch that cup before the episode aired!

Multiple Use Dragons

Dragons aren't just good at taking you on romantic flights or toasting your enemies. They can also perfectly roast your coffee beans! That must be Starbucks' secret.

That's A Long One

Honestly, Dany would, but I pity the barista who has to remember all those titles.

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Next time you're beating yourself up over a minor mistake at work, remember that Game of Thrones is an incredibly popular, expensive show that still forgot to move a craft services beverage out of frame.

Looks Legit To Me

One helpful Twitter user utilized Photoshop to reveal the obviously deleted scene of Daenerys making her order.

Not The First Time!

It turns out that this isn't the first time a cup of coffee has mistakenly made its way into an episode of Game of Thrones. Jaime Lannister is also a fan of a little morning pick-me-up! I thought perhaps coffee shops were native to the North, but it looks like the franchise moved down to King's Landing long ago.

The stakes are raised in each episode of Season 8 as the show approaches its end, so it's good to have a little levity amidst all the backstabbing and murder. If it took a forgotten coffee cup to add some humor, then I'll take it.