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These Tweets About Tinsley On 'RHONY' Are Too Funny To Miss

Tinsley Mortimer has been pretty lowkey in the first few episodes of The Real Housewives of New York Season 11 — or as lowkey as a cast member of this show can be. She learned how to drive (in a Bentley in Manhattan, naturally), delivered some caviar, and turned up to a clambake. But the trailer for the season shows more drama is coming, and these 9 tweets about Tinsley on RHONY prove that fans are ready for it.

There's at least one weepfest in Tinsley's future. The trailer features a quick glimpse of Dorinda wrapping her up in a comforting hug while she cries, which may have something to do with her breakup with boyfriend Scott Kluth. But later she cheers up by dancing on a table in Miami and then taking to the stage in one of Luann de Lesseps' cabaret shows. Unfortunately, it's not all rhinestones and vaudeville numbers; while still done up in her doll-like Christmas with the Countess costume, Tinsley wails, "I'm miserable!" in a moment that is about to become the most ubiquitous gif of the season. Mark my words.

Tinsley might not be causing as much kerfuffle as some of her co-stars, but it seems like a few fans on Twitter appreciate that — and the others are ready to see her kick it up a notch.

Rooting For Her

Let's start things off with a burst of positivity: this Twitter user just wants the best for Tinsley. How nice.

Mum's The Word

This user, however, doesn't feel like they've heard enough from Tinsley. And it's true; she has a tendency to keep quiet until she snaps and shouts at someone across a dinner table. So stay tuned — she could just be getting started.

Hocus Pocus

If you're rolling into a party like a coven of witches, then you're probably doing something right.

Caviargate 2k19

When Tinsley arrived at Ramona's Hamptons home with a container of caviar, she suggested they break it open right there. In a confessional, she explained why: she didn't want Ramona to hoard the good stuff for her other friends, leaving Tinsley, Sonja, and Dorinda hanging. Viewers definitely got a kick out of Tinsley casually calling Ramona out.

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

Sonja and Tinsley's friendship has had some ups and downs; when they're not being besties, they're usually screaming at each other. But no one knows you like your friends do, which is why Sonja could turn out a Tinsley impression at the drop of a hat.

The CW Called

This Twitter user very aptly pointed out that Tinsley's aesthetic is very mid-00s teen drama mom. She would fit right in at a Gossip Girl soiree with Lily van der Woodsen (and did indeed attend one, lest we forget).

Unexpected Skills

Tinsley's surprising tennis skills left Twitter shook, but a 2007 New York Times article confirms that it's something she studied. Tinsley actually spent time as a teenager training at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida.

Stiff Competition

Ramona was just as surprised by Tinsley's skill with a racket. Her naturally competitive nature called to mind another pop culture reference: the tennis match in Bridesmaids.

Stress Levels High

Don't let it be said that socialite Tinsley Mortimer was never relatable. The situation mentioned in the above tweet might not be something everyone lives through, but it works as an apt metaphor anyway.

RHONY airs every Wednesday on Bravo, punctuating the middle of the week with some much-needed drama to keep you going until the weekend.