9 Underrated '90s Movies You Should Watch ASAP

People credit the '90s with creating some of the most iconic movies of all time. The Titanic, Clueless, The Lion King … the list of fantastic 1990s films goes on and on. But in addition to the titles you've seen more times than you can count, the decade also gave birth to some gems that have managed to somehow slip under the radar. These underrated '90s movies are just as fun, exciting and quote-worthy as Pretty Woman or Pulp Fiction, even though they aren't on constant repeat on the movie channels.

If you're looking for a great film to watch on some cold, rainy Saturday, don't go straight to the On Demand New Release section. Don't scour IMDB's Top 250 list of classics and finally watch Casablanca. Although these are totally valid methods to pick a flick, why not try something a little different? Instead, step back in time. To a simpler decade, full of flannel and butterfly clips. Journey back to the '90s and try something new so you’re not watching Jurassic Park or American Pie for the umpteenth time. Any of these nine lesser-known ’90s movies are sure to keep you just as entertained. Perhaps even more so than their more popular counterparts, since you don't know the entire script by heart.


'Indian Summer'

You can't beat the sentimental nature of a reunion movie. And while the themes might have been lost on you as a child or teenager in the '90s, now that you're an adult you'll understand the importance of reconnecting with old friends.


'That Thing You Do'

If you haven't seen this Tom Hanks film, watch it immediately. It's one my favorite movies of all time. It's charming, funny and features a ridiculously catchy song that will be in your head for weeks to come.



Pay homage to a great, and watch the story of one of the most iconic and earliest movie stars: Charlie Chaplin.



This slapstick buddy comedy may be a bit ridiculous, but it's sure to have you laughing.



Election definitely gets some attention, but not as much as it deserves. The satirical story follows the race to be high school president, and features a young Reese Witherspoon as a completely anal, type-A student.



In a sea of Disney animated classics, this cartoon gets underplayed. The story of the tiny heroine is cute and reminds us that, no matter how small, we all matter.


'Two Hands'

It's an action/crime movie that stars a young Heath Ledger. IWhat's not to love? t'll have you extremely excited — on many levels.



Go is the story of a complicated drug trade told from different vantage points, with an undeniable '90s flair. It's also one of Katie Holmes first films, just one year into her Dawson's Creek days; and a not-yet-famous Melissa McCarthy has a small role as well!


'Joe Versus The Volcano'

Any movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is an instant classic in my book.

Images: Paramount Pictures